New Hope Club Drop “Call Me a Quitter” & “Whatever”

New Hope Club whatever and call me a quitter

British band New Hope Club released two new singles titled “Call Me a Quitter” and “Whatever.” New Hope Club Premiered The Tracks While Touring This Summer The two new tracks arrive only two months after New Hope Club’s official return to new music this past June, when they released the singles “Getting Better” and “Girl […]

bbno$ Ain’t Sorry With “Sophisticated”

Flaunting wealth and status can have pretty alienating results. People don’t really like seeing someone who’s got way more than them just show it off and treat it like it’s nothing. However, there is a way to celebrate one’s achievements and wealth. It requires a little bit of a more sophisticated touch… Yeah, that was […]

Wild Pink’s “Hold My Hand,” Feat. Julien Baker

wild pink Julien baker hold my hand

Wild Pink and Julien Baker have just collaborated on “Hold My Hand,” and it’s incredibly meaningful. “Hold My Hand” Indie band Wild Pink and indie singer-songwriter Julien Baker have collaborated on “Hold My Hand,” and it’s a perfect duet. The meaning behind the song is both mundane and profound. According to Konstantinos Pappis at Our […]

Nicki Minaj Releases Greatest Hits Album – Queen Radio: Volume 1

Nicki Minaj Queen Radio Volume 1

Rap mogul Nicki Minaj released her Greatest Hits Album titled Queen Radio: Volume 1, at the end of August. The album contains 29 tracks that embody her one of a kind artistry, skilled lyricism, and versatility. Queen Radio: Volume 1 spans the genres Trap, Reggae, Pop, EDM, Drill, R&B and more. Minaj handpicked the tracklist from […]

Serpentwithfeet Newest Drop “I’m Pressed” 

“I’m Pressed” The Baltimore-born, New York-based singer Serpentwithfeet, is back with a smooth song. “I’m Pressed” is a lively new track built on a house beat, and it’s got a silky, stunning vocal performance of which Serpentwithfeet always brings.  “I’m Pressed” is a follow-up from his captivating collaboration with New York DJ and producer Moby, […]