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CHUU Releases New Single “Chocolate”

Who is CHUU CHUU is a K-pop soloist who was a part of the former 12-member group LOONA. After each member’s legal battle, they all re-debuted. She went solo instead of joining her former bandmates…
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Discover Chicago Indie-Rock Band, Ratboys

Good things take time. Ratboys has been chipping away at the indie-rock scene since their 2010 debut. Now, it seems they are finally ready to take a step into the limelight with The Window. Artist…
Dua Lipa "Training Season"
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Dua Lipa Declares ‘Training Season’ is Over

Dua Lipa and Her “Training Season” Song Review The comeback we have been waiting for: Dua Lipa. She is back with her highly anticipated single “Training Season” off of her upcoming psychedelic pop album. She…
Melissa Etheridge.
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On Melissa Etheridge’s Headlining Tour

On January 16th, ’90s country music icon Melissa Etheridge announced another headlining North American tour. Though this time, she will be co-headlining it with another ’90s icon, Jewel. They will hit the road together, starting…
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Beyoncé Is Going Country
Beyoncé announced a country album is on the way in a Superbowl commercial for Verizon. Referred to as Act II, the upcoming album is the…
H.E.R. at 2024 Super Bowl Halftime Show. Retrieved from @HERMusicx Twitter/X.
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All About H.E.R. — Musical Influences and Impact

We are no strangers to watching artists pull inspiration from musical artists throughout the generations. And yet, H.E.R. does so in a way that is incredibly refreshing and respectful to her artistic influences. Learn more…