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IU Releases New EP
IU Comeback IU is back with her sixth mini album, [The Winning]. Known as the “Nation’s Sister” in Korea, she is a world-renowned K-pop soloist…
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Rediscover K-pop Solist BIBI

Who is BIBI? BIBI is a soloist from South Korea who has changed the music scene with her distinct tone and versatility. She is not afraid to speak her mind even if that differs from…
Cat Janice. Courtesy of @cat.janice on Instagram.
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Cat Janice’s Story Must Live On

Overview of Cat Janice Sad news broke yesterday concerning Cat Janice: the singer has passed away. Janice’s passing was announced by her family on social media. She has been battling rare stage four cancer and…
A photo of Chicago-born rapper Mick Jenkins.
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Featured Artist: Mick Jenkins

In the same vein as Kendrick Lamar’s now-iconic and suddenly ultra-relevant lyric, “Critics wanna mention how they miss when hip-hop was rappin’ / M*****f**** if you did, then Killer Mike’d be platinum,” naysayers towards the…