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After A Year, Laila!’s Song ‘Like That!’ is Trending Again

Image Source: YouTube

Released on March 3rd of last year, Laila!’s “Like That!” became a popular TikTok sound to fans worldwide. Surprisingly, it is suddenly seeing a revival on the social media platform. Coming in at the number 19 spot on this week’s Trending Tracks, it’s no wonder fans are giving it another chance. The song resembles that of a Beyoncé song with its catchy lyrics and a stellar beat. The song even comes with a catchy dance, its lyrics sped up for TikTok users to make videos that get thousands of views and likes. 

As this song came out back in 2023, each video made on TikTok has received at least 7.7 million views. On other platforms, the song received over 6 million streams on Spotify, 162K views on YouTube and 731K on SoundCloud. With its recent uptick in streams and TikTok dances, it has continued to move upward in the past few weeks. Hopefully, it’ll continue the trend, climbing higher in the coming weeks and months. 

Laila!, the artist herself, was an overnight sensation. She dropped IN CTRL!, an EP, in February of this year. Given she started making music just last year, the artist has more room to grow. Her next chain of music is in line to be the subject of more TikTok dances, millions of views, likes and streams. As the artist has not revealed anything yet, fans on the many streaming and social media platforms will anxiously wait to see if her new music lives up to its potential or not.

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