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‘We Still Don’t Trust You’ Say Metro Boomin and Future, and They’re Still Ruling The Charts

With the explosion of Drake v. Kendrick Lamar (or what feels like Drake v. the entire rap industry), you’ve likely already heard plenty about the recent work of Future & Metro Boomin. For the uninitiated, though, the dynamic duo followed through on their early year promise of two collaborative albums, releasing We Still Don’t Trust You just two weeks after the seismic success of the initial We Don’t Trust You. Bringing back many of the characters from the first edition, the title track is becoming another massive hit in their collective catalog. Here’s everything you need to know about Young Metro & Pluto’s latest mash.

As the opener for the project, as soon as you press play, “We Still Don’t Trust You” sets the tone for what you can expect on the rest of the tracklist. To be specific, it departs pretty dramatically from the hard-hitting 808s and trap beats of its predecessor, instead leaning on a softer, groovier formulation. It’s a prompt that both artists tackled plenty in the past—”but let me show them I can do this too.” The double pack of “Hndrxx and “Pluto” comes to mind for Future, while softer cuts like “Mr. Right Now” or “Creepin'” establish a precedent for Metro.

A photo of the Weeknd, Future & Metro Boomin. "We Still Don't Trust You" united the three artists for one of the biggest singles off the project of the same name. Their newly minted collaborative relationship prompted Metro to post this image, captioned with "the biggest three." Taken from @metroboomin
Taken from @metroboomin on Instagram.

“We Still Don’t Trust You” Showcases A Softer Side of The Artists

That Mario Winans sampling cut is extremely illustrative for the song at hand. On top of showcasing Metro’s proclivity for lights-dimmed jams, it paved the way for a now prolific relationship with The Weeknd, the third of member of Boomin’s proclaimed “biggest 3.” He slinks onto the song following a crooning repetition of the song’s title from the Atlanta rapper, delivering a larger-than-life quartet: “And the Paris girls, they sing my song with love / In the stadium is where I feel at home / I forgot the feeling of arena shows.”

The sheer hypnotic quality that the song taps into is enough reason for it to be a hot topic, but the story wouldn’t be complete without acknowledging the messier side of the equation. While no shots are taken on the song at hand, there’s certainly a splash-back effect that comes from the other included material. Later in the project, The Weeknd takes a few choice snipes at his fellow Toronto native, reveling in the extra-curricular activities of one Baka Not Nice, and in the fact that he never signed to Drake’s OVO records. Future’s disses are largely siloed on the preceding We Don’t Trust You album, but there’s certainly no love lost between the once-frequent collaborators.

Crafting two smash hits just 16 months ago with both Future and the Weeknd, Metro Boomin’s latest hit record isn’t a surprise success in the least. If somehow you haven’t heard “We Still Don’t Trust You” or the album of the same name, both are available wherever you stream your music.

Sticking in hip-hop, Wanna Be – Glorilla & Megan Thee Stallion is another huge record defining the year so far.

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