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Featured Artist: Madison Beer Explores the “Silence Between Songs”

Madison Beer. From Le3ay Studio.

Uncertainty and Heartache with Madison Beer

New York singer-songwriter Madison Beer sifts through uncertainty and heartache on her highly anticipated sophomore album. Silence Between Songs asks difficult questions, searching within and grappling with the discomfort of loss, hatred, and tumultuous relationships.

I wonder if you think of me

I’m still putting up a fight

While you’re off and you’re forgetting me

Never got the chance to tell our story

Madison Beer on “Dangerous”

Each track has an ethereal, dreamy feel that seamlessly flows between otherworldly pop and psychedelic rock. Tracks like “Reckless,” “Envy the Leaves,” and “Nothing Matters But You” are especially moody and hypnotizing. They embody the entrancing gloom of Lana Del Rey’s songs, a major inspiration to Beer. In an interview with People, Madison Beer explains how the two artists unexpectedly met at a cafe, kicking off a friendship that has been vital in shaping the confidence and support needed to craft an album on the scale of Silence Between Songs. In her interview, she discusses how Lana Del Rey has been a major factor in Beer’s career—”she’s just incredible, and she’s been so supportive, so there for me as a friend, an idol, a supporter of my music and of me as a person.”

The Inspiration and Struggle Behind Silence Between Songs

The album’s absorbing combination of Madison Beer’s inspirations, as well as her own struggles and ideas, make for an introspective, honest expression. Swelling strings, enveloping guitar riffs, and commanding drums serve as the stage for Beer’s ethereal, yet clear vocals. The album’s opening track “Spinnin” has an equally dreamy video that establishes the album’s exploration of numbness and heartache. While the album is very cohesive, each song shines in its own way. Some pick up the tempo, incorporating groovy, hooking baselines, like on “Sweet Relief.” “King of Everything” is a particularly moving track on the record, leaning into psych rock to explore what some fans believe to be about Beer’s falling out with ex-manager Scooter Braun. Each track on the record seamlessly hovers between different sounds, allowing Beer to explore all sorts of difficult emotions.

“Make You Mine”

Last month, Madison Beer released a new single, “Make You Mine,” along with a lyric visualizer. The song is dark with its compulsive beat and hypnotic repeating of the lyrics. In the lyric visualizer, Beer is set up in what looks like a scene from the 2009 movie Jennifer’s Body. Madison Beer has no doubt that she will make you hers all too easily.

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