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TikTok Trends: Exploring Djo’s Rise With ‘End of Beginning’

As if being a heartthrob on Netflix’s hit show Stranger Things wasn’t enough, Joe Keery (aka Djo) has captured the hearts of music enthusiasts around the world with his latest track, “End of Beginning.” The song has been on Music Daily’s Trending Tracks chart for four weeks now.

Allow Joe Keery to Reintroduce Himself: Meet Djo

Since 2015, Joe Keery has always had one foot in the music industry. It dates back to Chicago-based, psych-rock band Post Animal—a project that Keery partook in as both guitarist and drummer. Concurrently, he was creating his own music under the moniker Cool Cool Cool. For a few years, Keery poured his energy into both projects before eventually shifting his focus to acting. Then, in 2019, the musical persona of Djo emerged.

Djo delves into the realm of indie psychedelia with a captivating blend of dreamy melodies, lush instrumentation and introspective lyricism. With influences ranging from ’60s psychedelia to modern indie rock, Djo transports listeners to dreamy landscapes in a refreshing reinvention of himself as a musician. It’s an impressive enough feat to have taken the world by storm whilst on the big screen as Steve Harrington. It’s an entirely different ballgame to take on the world yet again—only this time, through music.

Joe Keery (Djo) "End of Beginning"
Joe Keery (Djo) “End of Beginning”

“End of Beginning” by Djo is a mesmerizing sonic journey that captures the essence of introspection and renewal. Opening with ethereal synths and hypnotic drums, the track draws listeners into a dreamlike state, setting the stage for Joe Keery’s soulful vocals. Lyrically, “End of Beginning” explores themes of transformation and self-discovery, with Keery’s introspective lyrics painting a vivid portrait of personal growth and the journey toward finding one’s true self. The track builds to a cathartic crescendo, with soaring melodies and pulsating rhythms. It evokes a sense of liberation and newfound clarity. The track, as part of Djo’s 2022 album, Decide, stands as a solid testament to Keery’s ability to craft music. Up until now, Djo has flown under the radar, outshined by Keery’s acting. However, with the help of TikTok, Djo has catapulted himself to the forefront of music—where he should’ve been all along.

Stranger Things Have Happened

Pictured Left to Right: Maya Hawke (Robin Buckley), Joe Keery (Djo), and Gaten Matarazzo (Dustin Henderson)

It seems the Stranger Things universe straddles the line between acting and music, for Joe Keery is not the only successful musician to grace the series. The cast members extend their talents beyond the screen into diverse musical projects of various genres. Finn Wolfhard, known for his role as Mike Wheeler, fronts the indie rock band Calpurnia. Natalia Dyer, who portrays Nancy Wheeler, collaborates with her partner as part of the folk duo Me & Mr. Cassidy. Additionally, Gaten Matarazzo, who plays Dustin Henderson, partakes in the seven-piece band Work In Progress, plus multiple appearances on Broadway. And singer-songwriter Maya Hawke has her own brand of indie-pop music, debuting back in 2019.

If you enjoy Djo, then we’d highly recommend checking out Keery’s costars and their great music. Whether you’re in the mood for introspective lyrics or rock-influenced tunes, the cast of Stranger Things has got you covered.

Learn more about artists like Djo each week at Music Daily! Check out “End of Beginning” down below:

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