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Olivia Rodrigo Drops Deluxe Album “GUTS (spilled)”

On Friday, March 22, Olivia Rodrigo decided to surprise her fans and release the deluxe version of her latest album, GUTS (spilled). The six-time GRAMMY-nominated artist had previously announced the news during the Chicago date (3/20) of her GUTS world tour while performing the track “Get Him Back!”

Five More Tracks & “Obsessed” Music Video

The new version includes five unreleased tracks, including the new single “Obsessed,” which Olivia Rodrigo has also chosen to include in the setlist of her tour. The song—which originally appeared as a hidden track on the vinyl released exclusively for D2C—was written with the artist’s faithful producer, Daniel Nigro, and St. Vincent.

Olivia also premiered a vibrant music video for “Obsessed.” The video, directed by Mitch Ryan, features the pop star amidst a group of beauty queens who are exes of her partner. It emphasizes the contrast between herself and an unrealistic imagery of perfection—hence her obsession with her partner’s exes.

GUTS (spilled)

The other unreleased tracks on GUTS (spilled) are “girl i’ve always been,” “scared of my guitar” and “stranger.”

There’s also room for an entirely new track, “so american,” recorded after the release of the album’s initial version. 

Olivia Rodrigo – GUTS (spilled) tracklist:
1. “all-american bitch”
2. “bad idea right?”
3. “vampire”
4. “lacy”
5. “ballad of a homeschooled girl”
6. “making the bed”
7. “logical”
8. “get him back!”
9. “love is embarrassing”
10. “the grudge”
11. “pretty isn’t pretty”
12. “teenage dream”
13. “obsessed”
14. “girl i’ve always been”
15. “scared of my guitar”
16. “stranger”
17. “so american”

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