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Rediscover MD Discovery Teddy Swims

If you’re up-to-date with the latest hits around, you surely have heard of a song that seems to not leave our minds: “Lose Control.” The song has been at the top of every chart for the past few months, and so has the singer, Teddy Swims. Rediscover all about this incredible artist and his fast rise to fame.

Born Jaten Collin Dimsdale, Teddy Swims is an American singer-songwriter who recently has made himself a name among the greatest. With his deep, soulful voice that’s able to embrace a huge variety of scales and tones, Swims blends genres including R&B, soul, country and pop.

Versatile in music style, as well as lyrical choices and themes, the artist originally attracted fans through his cover performances on his YouTube channel, soon after dropping a collection called Tough Love (2022), which became his first solo music to enter the US Billboard 200. 

His greatest success, however, arrived with the release of his debut album, and its single “Lose Control.”

“Lose Control”

Teddy Swims has taken the charts by storm with his latest release and mainstream hit, “Lose Control.”

“A good start” is an understatement when one of your first songs immediately gets the attention that many other artists only dream of. This is the case for Teddy Swims’ “Lose Control,” the second single from his 2023 debut studio album, I’ve Tried Everything but Therapy (Part 1).

Teddy Swims started his career only a couple of years ago, when, in 2019, he started sharing his art on music platforms, in the form of covers of some of the most famous hits of the past decade. In only a few years—and one album—the artist immediately made himself a name, releasing the incredible hit that is “Lose Control”—and its multiple versions following.

And the devil’s knockin’ at my door, woah
Out of my mind, how many times did I tell you
I’m no good at bein’ alone?
Yeah, it’s taken a toll on me, tryin’ my best to keep
From tearin’ the skin off my bones, don’t you know

For the promo tour of the song, the artist not only performed on incredible stages worldwide, but was also invited to some of the main TV programs. The Kelly Clarkson ShowThe Voice and Today are just some of the few screen stages that hosted the artist, who, on this regard, commented:

“[It was] Really amazing. I think especially with Kelly: that was just so cool to be in, [I’ve] such a huge fan forever. She’s like, ‘Just give me Teddy Swims! Give me Teddy Swims.’ And I was just so thrilled that she was such a fan, you know? I didn’t expect the kind of energy of her being such a fan. It was such a huge thing.”

Teddy Swims on Tour

Did Teddy Swims grab your attention as much as he caught ours? Then get ready to see him live!

The artist is currently bringing his music live to world stages with his I’ve Tried Everything But Therapy Tour. Make sure to get your tickets here!

Retrieved from @teddyswims Instagram

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