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Welcome Home, Waterparks – Sneaking Out of Heaven Tour Stops in Houston, Texas

Houston-based pop-punk band Waterparks brought their Sneaking Out Of Heaven tour home last Saturday, March 30th. Just three stops from concluding this run of performances, fans were excitedly awaiting the band’s return to home-base with supporting act, Loveless.

Sneaking Out Of Heaven Hits Houston

Awsten Knight of Waterparks playing in Houston on the Sneaking Out of Heaven Tour
Credit: @waterparks on Instagram

Riding off their 2023 album, Intellectual Property, this tour built on the foundations of last year’s and created something exceptionally better. With a 22-song setlist, there were tons of memorable moments wrapped up in the hour and a half set. Here’s some of our favorites:

When all three members of Waterparks are from Houston, it’s a great feeling to have them return to their roots and play in venues that they grew up attending. Throughout the night, Awsten Knight (lead singer) expressed his thanks for propelling Parx to where they are today—from giving out burnt CDs outside the House of Blues to selling out shows in the very same room. The comfort on the stage was obvious, and the Texas jokes were endless from start to finish. Add in the fact that it was Easter weekend, and it ends up with a fan dressed as Jesus taking “He is Risen” quite literally.

Lore aside, there was a welcoming shift in Parx’s sound this time around. Switching things up, Knight joked about learning the piano to prove he can evolve as an artist and displayed this in an acoustic set for “High Definition,” “Snow Globe” and more. Also, moment of appreciation for our favorite Waterparks cover yet. Liz Phair’s “Why Can’t I?” summoned all of the rom-com feels with our favorite romantic movies projected on the stage.

All in all, the night was filled with mosh-pits, crowdsurfing and a whole lot of gratitude for our favorite band returning home. Waterparks transported fans to their own universe for only a short time. But it sure was fun while it lasted. Here’s to yet another great show in the books. Until next time, Parx!

Give Waterparks a Try

As far as pop-punk bands go, Waterparks continues to fly under the radar despite their growing discography and fanbase. If you’re looking to add some great songs to your angsty playlists, give Parx a go. And check out Loveless while you’re at it! Both bands have songs for every emotion, and they’re all lyrically great as well. It helps that Waterparks is no stranger to putting on a good show. If you haven’t already, give them a try. Lastly, read our last review of their Property Tour here and check out their latest album down below:

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