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Madison Beer Still Runs Up The Chart With ‘Make You Mine’

This week sees some acoustic newcomers making their TikTok breakouts while K-pop continues its world domination.

Welcome to Music Daily’s Trending Tracks, where we highlight the artists and trends occupying the music industry’s attention. Some come out of the woodwork, others have endured a months-long crusade to greatness. Nonetheless, all of them are captivating the short-circuited minds of Gen Z social media users.
This week: Madison Beer rakes in attention with February’s “Make You Mine.” Then, K-pop rookies ILLIT are on their way to their first TikTok hit with their dreamy debut, “Magnetic.”

“Make You Mine” by Madison Beer

If you want to feel the sultry Madison Beer fantasy of high ponytails, Tame Impala beats and silky bows, “Make You Mine” is her latest hit. She’s sealed it with a red-lipped kiss fit for the dancefloor. Released on the heels of Valentine’s Day, trendmakers unlocked the single’s final “it-girl” form via lip-glossed close-ups. Around 400k TikTok videos are using the song while the singer promotes her global The Spinnin Tour.

“Scared To Start” by Michael Marcagi

Marcagi is taking his guitar across the internet. Its bohemian strings strike a feel-good rhythm and dazzle many listeners with its “in-another-life” daydreams. Talking about his first ascent to TikTok stardom, the songwriter prefaced the song as “for the adventurers, the travelers, and the people who look forward without dwelling on the uncertainties of life.”

“Get It Sexyy” by Sexyy Red

The St. Louis native has no shortage of virality. From screaming “Hands on your knees” to having Drake guest in her new music video for her newest lick, “Get It Sexyy,” Sexyy Red is coming full circle—and I’m not just talking about her bodacious body. The music video for “Get It Sexyy” has spawned yet another dance challenge—since her not-so-humble bow bow bow moment. It fuses cameos from Hollywood’s biggest names (Tay Keith, Soulja Boy, Trippie Redd and Adin Ross) with early 2000s Southern hip-hop culture.

“someday i’ll get it” by Alek Olsen

Alek Olsen isn’t just the perfect moodiness. He captures the perfect emptiness that TikTok users have used to reveal their most vulnerable stories. With 500k videos and counting, his 2023 song “someday i’ll get it” offers a solemn breath only found in the sometimes acoustic soundtrack of the beloved soapy teen drama One Tree Hill. The guitar is still, and so is the heart.

“Magnetic” by ILLIT

In the world of K-pop, dance challenges spawn at the drop of a “comeback.” However, most don’t leave a visual impression quite like HYBE’s new rookie group, ILLIT. Thanks to their quick hand movements, their debut song “Magnetic” has propelled to the top of the South Korean Melon charts. In the midst of their ruthless performance schedule, the doe-eyed quintet proves their survival show roots are bonafide into stage perfection, adding the necessary whimsical ease to their lo-fi specialty.

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