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Rediscover MD Discovery Sega Bodega and His Track ‘Deer Teeth’

Photo Credit: Stereogum

This year, Irish electronic music producer Sega Bodega dropped his second sonic single, “Deer Teeth.” The song is described as a hazy, forward-thinking electronic dance piece. It includes the usual layered synthpop and some great autotuned vocals. It’s not dance music, but it can fit into the realm that one would find in a panoramic soundscape. It transports the listener into another world full of calming vibes. Then, last month, the artist dropped his third pre-release single, “Set Me Free, I’m An Animal.” The tracks are previews of his upcoming album, Dennis. The album is his first solo project since his 2021 album, Romeo. Dennis comes out on April 26, 2024.

His full name being Salvatore Navarrete, this producer has made a name for himself over the last few years in the electronic music scene. The Paris and London-based artist is the co-founder of NUXXE, a collective and music label that works with other artists such as Coucou Chloe and Oklou. Working with artists such as Shygirl, Caroline Polacheck and Eartheater, Sega Bodega even produced Björk and Rosalía’s most recent collaboration, “Oral.” His label also produced Shygirl’s latest album, Nymph. In his own time, the producer has released two albums, a whole bunch of EPs, as well as other tracks.

Credit: Aidan Zamiri. Retrieved from Stereogum.

According to UPROXX, Sega Bodega shared on his Instagram story a fan comment about “Deer Teeth” that read, “This song feels like I just woke up from a subconscious shifting level dream and I’m trying to hold on to the memory… like I could only hear something like this in a dream. But you’ve somehow captured that in sound to listen to over and over…. The last minute specifically sounds like zettaflare lasers launching me through space and time. Just really beautiful craftsmanship. Thank you Sega Dad!”

As fans await his new album, it will be interesting to see what the artist has next in store.

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