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Band Of Skulls is Rock’s Promising New Act

After last November’s success of “Crooked House,” one track out of the Alberta Cross and Band Of Skulls’ collaboration clearly wasn’t enough. The artists understood their fans’ requests for more collaborative projects, and gave us some. This is when the incredible “Born In Amazement” saw the light! The new single features Alberta Cross and Band Of Skulls joining forces yet again.

Who Are Alberta Cross and Band Of Skulls?

Alberta Cross and Band Of Skulls are two British hard rock groups, meeting for the first time in 2009 after both being picked up by labels Dark Matter/Austral Media. Not only do the bands share drummer Marc MacNab-Jack, but they also met countless times serendipitously over the years whilst simultaneously touring the world, so much so that it’s a surprise that their creative meetings of the minds hadn’t come sooner. The groups collaborated first in 2023, dropping “Crooked House,” a collaborative track. Following the support the song received, the groups agreed to collaborate one more time.

“Born In Amazement”: A Chat With the Groups

“Born In Amazement” cover. Picture retrieved from Band Of Skulls’ official Instagram account

“Born In Amazement” combines the virtues of different major acts throughout the varied shades of rock. With a taste of Arctic Monkeys’ vocals and original rhythm, Royal Blood’s energy, Queens of the Stone Age’s intensity and Black Keys’ dialogue between the instruments, Alberta Cross and Band Of Skulls collected the best out of the best’s work, channeling an inevitable big hit.

On their social media, the groups discussed the release, which seeks to see the good in the world, past the conflict, the hate and the chaos, with childlike wonder.

“We were channeling Bowie…. And the Boss. Singing until our throats were like razor blades,” says Russell Marsden of Band Of Skulls. “In a world full of conflict and chaos we try to remember we’re born with no hate in our hearts, and look at the world in wonder and amazement. Even if we loose our way, it’s worth searching for peace fighting for love.”

Describing the lyrical themes behind the collaboration, Petter Ericson Stakee of Alberta Cross states:

“I love the sleazy upbeat glam feel of this one. Marc Bolan would have been proud. Once again very lush to be creating art with these two dudes. Lyrically I feel like its bang on where we’re at in the world. Too much d*** evil and no compassion out there for your fellow humans. This song still feel hopeful though. Let love win.Let love in. I hope we get to play these songs together at a cool festival somewhere soon.. They’re made for that joyous experience!”

Marc MacNab-Jack, drummer for both bands, adds:

“Tune 2 of the Alberta Cross and Band Of Skulls collaboration. This was a fun T-Rex, Bowie, Springsteen inspired mashup. Was super fun to make and felt great in the room with us all! Once again magic happened and we couldn’t be happier.”

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