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Artist Overview

Thomas Day is a up-and-coming artist/songwriter who turns his emotions into pop ballads. His powerful vocals transcend the songs and relatable lyrics that have helped amass his following. Day went viral on TikTok for his various covers. His video covering “Where’s My Love” by SYML garnered over a million views alone. His presence on social media is strong as well. On TikTok, he currently has almost seven million followers, over 400,000 followers on Instagram, and almost 1,500 followers on Twitter.

Day signed to Artista Records and has been releasing music since 2021. He has almost 200,000 Spotify followers and has released multiple singles in the last two years. This set him up with fantastic songs in his catalog. “Bonnie & Clyde” is a personal favorite. The guitar’s forward beat against his intense vocals creates a perfect recipe for a hit. It’s reminiscent of Post Malone in the best way possible with the edge in his striking voice. He is a one-of-a-kind artist who doesn’t need any autotune or vocal editing.

Thomas Day, Courtesy of Robbie Wheeler
Thomas Day, Courtesy of Robbie Wheeler

“Stranger”: The Lead Single

After releasing four singles, Thomas Day finally released his debut album Love Me For Another Day. The lead single off of Love Me For Another Day is “Stranger.”

“Stranger” is a song about someone Day once knew who is now unrecognizable. It’s a heartbreaking song discussing someone who doesn’t want Day in their life anymore and has changed for the worse. His lyrics are a deep cut to the chest and make you feel like you are a part of this anguish he is feeling. The chorus is strong with a powerful vocal as it transitions into beautiful layered harmonies against percussion.

The single was accompanied by a dark and eerie music video that shows Day in the woods with a piano. Fog covers the scene almost like someone is dead, which in this case, is the person being discussed. Day is wearing a suit that makes him look like he is attending a funeral. The piano becomes ablaze as he shuts his eyes to reminisce about this love that went south. Next, Day watches the fire with a straight face, which reflects the love gone right before his eyes. This video did a great job of storytelling each lyric in “Stranger” and represented it artistically perfectly. The woods reflect the eerie tone of the song and the fire represents the love is over, burned to the ground.

Love Me For Another Day Album Overview

Consisting of ten tracks, the album encompasses what Day does best: vulnerable lyricism with a unique voice that makes you want to dig deep into who this is.

The album continues the breakup story of “Stranger.” The love of his life is gone and the concept of reflection is introduced. The first song, which is the title track, is a reflection of his life without this person beside him. “I’m not good at talking ’bout us in the past tense ’cause when I think about you, it hurts but it doesn’t make sense.” These are the first lyrics in the album, setting up the listener for a story that explores romance, heartbreak and the feelings that linger.

Thomas Day solidifies himself as a pop singer with this album. Each song discusses a vulnerable side that takes a lot of guts to release. Day lets the listeners hear every emotion he feels, transitioning from soft to hard-hitting vocals to showcase everything he is feeling.

Thomas Day, Courtesy of Artista Records
Thomas Day, Courtesy of Artista Records

What Love Me For Another Day is About

Track one to track ten takes us on a journey of a relatable love that ends up not working out even though you feel like you are madly in love, and later, leads to reflecting on everything that went wrong. You can care about them, but in a different way, since the relationship is gone.

“This isn’t my debut album. Those words come with a lot of extra meaning and I’m not there yet. This project is a collection of songs that I wrote and recorded when I was 18 and 19, trying to figure out the kind of artist I want to be,” said Thomas Day in a press release.

“not my job anymore” is the perfect song that showcases he cares, but it can’t be his job anymore. “Wish I could be the thing you need and I could come and save you like before oh, but that’s not my job anymore.” Here, he clearly shows that he needs to let go, but he wishes he could come to save her from unhappiness and hardships. It’s not his job to protect her anymore and here, Day shows growth that he may dream of being a superhero for this girl, but he has to leave it behind to better himself.

Check out his debut album Love Me For Another Day. If you want to discover the music industry’s next biggest artists, check out more of our Music Discoveries.

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