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Martin Garrix and Mesto’s New Track ‘Breakaway’

Photo Credit: SoundCloud

Martin Garrix recently released his hit track, “Breakaway,” featuring WILHELM and Mesto. Mesto is another Dutch DJ who happens to be Garrix’s childhood friend. “Breakaway” is the second track that came out in two consecutive weeks by Martin Garrix. It’s fueled by infectious energy. “Breakaway” is a call to arms from those yearning to break free of life’s expectations. As its melody creates a euphoric pulse of energy, its lyrics defy and grapple with the claustrophobia of self-imposed limitations. It tells the listener to take those limitations and finally break free to live one’s life. “Breakaway” asks the listener to make a name for themselves with their own narrative.

The track follows the prior hit single, “Carry You.” “Carry You” was one of Garrix’s most anticipated releases of the new year. He played both it and “Breakaway” in a show-stopping set at 2023’s Ultra Music Festival in Miami, but hasn’t digitally released them until now. Ultra Music Festival is the same festival Garrix will finally headline at this year’s 2024 version.

Martin Garrix "Breakaway"
Martin Garrix “Breakaway”
Commenting on the new release, Mesto spoke with EDM Sessions.

The making of “Breakaway” has got to be one of the most fun projects Martin and I have worked on together so far. After he premiered an early version of the song at Ultra Miami, we both played it throughout the summer and hearing the crowd sing along to the melodies was truly crazy.” He continued, saying, “It was only a few weeks ago we decided to finish the song, and when we did, we couldn’t stop adding stuff. Every time we thought it was finished, one of us added an element that made the track 100x cooler. That’s why it’s always a pleasure working with Marty! On top of that, Wilhelm did a great job on the vocals, which was the final finishing touch. I hope you guys will love the track as much as we do!”

As this release showcases a long evolution of the depth of EDM music, Garrix and Mesto will continue to break the boundaries of what seems possible at the moment. Though they continue to captivate their audiences, their new track is only a celebration of friendship, innovation and the pursuit of musical excellence—one that EDM musicians and artists thrive upon.

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