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6LACK’s Muse Hits the Road: QUIN’s Voyage to “Readi” EP

Readi is the name of the new EP of LA native R&B singer Bianca Leonor Quiñones, aka QUIN. This name may not sound too familiar, but you likely already know of her work.

From Galactica EP to Collaborations with Khalid and 6LACK

QUIN has been actively releasing new music since 2016. The debut EP, Galactica, included a feature from G-Eazy on “OVER AGAIN” and marked the beginning of a “Fantasy Soul Universe,” a self-made genre intended to showcase the power of boundless versatility through sound.

More recently, she made an appearance on Khalid’s latest album (the track “Brand New”) and also on Since I Have A Lover by 6LACK. Not only did she make a precious contribution to this last release, but she features prominently. Indeed, besides being a representative voice of the new R&B scene, QUIN is also 6LACK’s girlfriend. The two started dating in 2019—a momentous year for QUIN (not to mention her signing with Interscope Records and the EP Lucid)—and now they’re a solid couple who embrace mutual support.

Music video by QUIN, 6LACK performing “MUSHROOM CHOCOLATE.” © 2019 Interscope Records

QUIN embodies the title “lover” referenced throughout Since I Have A Lover. Her contribution encompasses not only inspiration but the entire process of writing and developing the album.

The Interscope Records artist also appeared on all of 6LACK’S California dates, rejoining the tour in Minneapolis to close out October and all the remaining dates.

Embracing Independence

But now it’s time to focus on her own project: QUIN’s Readi. This new EP contains four different versions of the track “Readi” (standard, acapella, 4 the DJs & sped up). Dropped at the beginning of March, Readi is the first release of 2024 QUIN.

It’s a statement saying, “I wanna be known for my own music, I’m not just 6LACK’s girl.” And we really hope she’ll be heard. 

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