February 06, 2023



merci, mercy Shares Relatable New Track “Winnie Crush”

Breakout artist merci, mercy is back with her first single of the year, the relatable and catchy “Winnie Crush.”

Merci, Mercy’s First Single in a Year

“Winnie Crush” marks merci, mercy’s first release since the 2020 EP no thank you, no thanks. The EP featured a total of 6 songs, out of which “F*cked Myself Up” has amazingly surpassed 4 million streams on Spotify alone, a groundbreaking record for a newcomer.

“Winnie Crush” is a soft song that holds aggressive and honest lyrics, where merci, mercy opens up about her recent past. “Raspberries and rose goon. All the time I can’t refuse. Said I wouldn’t drink. But a day goes by and I’m sinking. Winnie Crush, I hate your guts,” she sings.

“’Winnie Crush’ is a song about a toxic relationship that I have with myself,” she shared in a statement. “These bad habits that I’m letting take control over my life. I can barely afford what is good for my body let alone what’s bad for it. In this mind of mine, I’ve tricked myself to believe that this is what’s good for me, that it’s something that makes me happy. I can’t afford to do this to myself anymore, I can’t afford a love that doesn’t exist.”

She Recently Signed With Capitol Records and EMI (UK)

The route to sharing this song coincides with exciting news about merci, mercy’s new partnership with Capitol Records U.S. and EMI (UK.) “Signing with Capitol Records and EMI (UK) is an extraordinary achievement for me. I still don’t believe that it is real,” merci, mercy said. “The first time meeting the team at Capitol and EMI over Zoom I just fell in love. They liked me for me and they really understood what I wanted to do with my music. I feel so incredibly lucky that I now have some more incredible people on my team.”

If you love merci, mercy, check out spill tab and her latest single, “Indecisive.”

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