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Olivia Rodrigo is “obsessed” in Her Trending Single

Olivia Rodrigo in "obsessed"

Released back in March of this year, Olivia Rodrigo’s single “obsessed” has become a huge chart-topping hit. Moving up on our Trending Tracks chart from No. 132 to No. 111, the track continues to trend upward. The song has also been on several top 100 lists throughout the world. As of late April, it’s in the 14th spot on the US Billboard Hot 100 List. It’s also holding on as one of the top 20 songs on other Billboard charts. Released after the deluxe version of GUTS dropped, the track became the first of many singles to appear on the extended album. 

Before this trending track officially came out, Olivia Rodrigo leaked snippets of it on TikTok where it went viral among her fan base. It didn’t take long for them to beg her to release “obsessed” on various streaming platforms. The track became almost an overnight sensation. Rodrigo’s worldwide tour also amped up the release. The “obsessed” music video became just as popular as the song itself. In the video, Olivia Rodrigo is in a black dress, jagged bangs and deep red lipstick. She sings among girls all wearing white gowns, past exes of her current partner. The video has already seen 788K views on YouTube alone.  

Rodrigo’s GUTS (spilled) includes four more songs that were not on the original album: “girl i’ve always been,” “scared of my guitar,” “stranger” and “so american.” With the song trending so quickly on the charts, Olivia Rodrigo adds another song to her resume for other chart-toppers. Those include “drivers license,” also an overnight sensation, reaching 80 million streams the first seven days of its release. It also debuted on the Billboard Top 100 and continues to be on the list to this day since its 2021 release. 

As “obsessed” continues to trend, it will be interesting to see how far up the list it will go. Stay tuned for more stories on what’s trending with Music Daily.

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