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G-Eazy’s ‘Tumblr Girls’ Is Back On The Charts—Ten Years Later

G-Eazy—hate him or love him, the man has produced some truly inescapable singles throughout the years. In 2014, he himself was in love with “Tumblr Girls,” and dedicated a single from his 2014 album, These Things Happen, to those who frequented the website. More specifically, “indie”/”alternative” was his flavor of the month, both romantically and in terms of what influenced the direction of that project. A decade later, that smash single is back on the charts. On our very own Trending Tracks chart this week, the song debuted at No. 48. Here’s everything you need to know about why G-Eazy and “Tumblr Girls” are themselves in a new era.

“Tumblr Girls” Doubles Down On One Of G-Eazy’s First Hits

Culture sites have long forecasted and analyzed the return of the “Tumblr girl aesthetic,” championed by the likes of Kylie Jenner and Addison Rae, to name a few of the influencers who have aided its revitalization. To say this writer is underqualified to vet the veracity of that would be an understatement, but nonetheless, it tracks in regards to the renewed popularity of G-Eazy’s 2014 single.

The cover art for G-Eazy's album 'These Things Happen.'
The cover art for G-Eazy’s album ‘These Things Happen.’

Though the reinvigorated trendiness of the microblogging platform deserves credit for this song’s new life, the track certainly brings a ton to the table itself. The song was already certified platinum by the time it re-entered in 2023. In fact, it’s one of G-Eazy’s top five best-performing singles, a feat for someone who engineered massive songs like “Me, Myself and I” and “No Limit.” Generally gravitating towards the poppier side of rap throughout his career, “Tumblr Girls” taps into the half-indie recipe that continues to bear fruit. Emerging during the peak popularity of Tumblr itself, the song aiming so centrally at that demographic and utilizing bits of the other genres already popular on the site meant surefire success.

Again, G-Eazy is no stranger to his songs making their way onto the charts. However, a bonafide TikTok hit isn’t something he was able to boast before the revitalized run that “Tumblr Girls” is in the midst of. You can find the song, as well as all of the G-Eazy catalog wherever you stream your music.

In other news, St. Vincent – All Born Screaming proves another massive standout for the LA alt-pop master.

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