BANKS Faces Her Fears on “Skinnydipped”

After making her big return to music with “The Devil” in May, BANKS has launched its follow-up, the fierce “Skinnydipped.”

BANKS Shows Her Worth on “Skinnydipped”

“Skinnydipped” is a daring and powerful song where BANKS is over having to deal with someone she doesn’t have feelings for anymore. “I dabble in the past, yeah, I said it. I finally admit it, I told you it was over then I skinny-dipped and did it…And I probably would’ve floated but I sank it,” she sings in the opening verse.

The singer, who takes her stage name from her last name “Banks,” wrote and co-produced the song with Michael Stine, who also jumped in to co-direct the song’s video. “‘Skinnydipped’ is a song about finally letting go of something that you’ve gone back to many times before. It’s about knowing your worth, shedding the skin you feel no longer fits, and digesting the freedom that comes with that. It feels good,” she shared on an Instagram post.

Her Friends Accompany Her in the Music Video

BANKS also thanked Stine for co-directing the music video. “It was a really special moment for me to be able to direct this video with Michael Stine which depicts women as I see them…divine, empowered, and wild. A woman who is in tune with her natural-born divinity is untouchable.”

In a press release, she revealed that the women accompanying her in the video are actually her friends. “My friend Jaclynn, who plays one of the sirens, recently gave birth. Having her holding her beautiful daughter Benny in this video is a gift. The video is about owning who you are, letting go of the past, and feeling proud at your purest form, naked and in nature.”

The drop comes aligned with BANKS’ partnership with BVLGARI’s Serpenti jewelry collection featured throughout the visuals. “Truly a dream collaboration for me. Being able to wear these pieces of art representing snakes made me feel even more connected to the message of my own song,” she added.

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