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Trending Track: GloRilla Climbs Music Daily’s Chart With ‘Yeah Glo!’

GloRilla is back on our charts with "Yeah Glo!," just weeks after making a splash with "Wanna Be."

While she’s been a bonafide star in hip-hop for a few years now, it’s probably fair to say that we’re in the true “GloRilla moment” right now. The Memphis-born MC is hot off the heels of her commercial mixtape debut, releasing Ehhthang Ehhthang at the start of the month. After making a serious impact with “Wanna Be” just a couple of weeks ago, she’s back (as if she ever left) making a splash with another massive track, “Yeah Glo!” The song debuted on our Trending Tracks chart at No. 103 and has moved up to No. 71. Here’s everything you need to know about the latest trending rap single.

“Yeah Glo!” Shows Off Everything That Makes GloRilla A Star

You don’t have to do much mental math to see how the Tennessee rapper arrived at the affirmation that serves as the song’s hook and title. However, the ties run a bit deeper than you may initially think. It’s a clever flip of Juicy J’s iconic ad-lib, just one of many Southern staples that weave into the song’s construction. The thumping 808s and bass call to mind the Soulja Boy-defined crunk era of the mid-2000s. And if it’s even worth bringing up at this point, the deep drawl and acrobatic flows that GloRilla continues to deploy speak to her being a true student of her region’s output.

The simplified, repetitive and all-around infectious nature of “Yeah Glo!” charts a pretty easy path to success on paper. However, with “Wanna Be” slowing down a bit in its own rise and GloRilla’s name continuing to hold weight with audiences, it makes sense that a new track would take that cut’s place. As with most songs in 2024, strong TikTok performance has helped bolster the song’s ascension, which more than likely will continue on an upward pace as the year draws on.

A still from the music video for the GloRilla single "Yeah Glo!"
A still from the music video for the GloRilla single “Yeah Glo!”

You can find “Yeah Glo!” and all of the GloRilla catalog wherever you stream your music.

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