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Aidan Bissett Brings His Supernova Tour to Houston, Texas

Aidan Bissett made his return to Houston this past weekend with a sold-out show at the House of Blues. 

Aidan Bissett’s Supernova: How’s It Gonna End? Tour

It feels like just yesterday that we were able to catch Aidan playing downstairs at the House of Blues on the Lost in Translation tour with Valley. This time, we caught him in the much smaller Bronze Peacock room, flaunting a capacity of only 200.

Kicking off the night, Aidan started strong with “All That I’m Craving” to prepare the crowd for the night ahead. His larger-than-life stage presence was refreshing to witness, taking advantage of every inch of space. The intimate venue made for a special night as fans screamed along to every song. There were so many highlight moments littered throughout the night, but we have a personal bias towards our favorite track, “Tripping Over Air,” which makes an amazing final song for the night.

The setlist was the perfect display of Aidan’s range as an artist. He’s grown a remarkable amount since last year’s tour. And he has gathered confidence that other musicians normally spend years trying to attain. At only 22 years old, there’s so much to look forward to with Bissett. The sky’s the limit with him.

The best part of Aidan headlining his own tour was more time dedicated to songs ranging from his debut in 2020 to recent hits like “Bloom” and “Ultraviolet.” For fans who have stuck around for some time, it was nice to hear tracks that had previously gone unnoticed. Aidan jam-packed 19 songs into an hour and a half and kept fans dreading the moment the clock struck 10:30. But with promises of more music on the horizon, we know that Aidan will be back soon—bigger and better than ever.

For now, check out his latest album down below! Make sure to check in with Music Daily each week for all your music updates.

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