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Pinegrove Advise Us To “Respirate” Through The Hard Times

Rising rock band Pinegrove released their latest single “Respirate” off their upcoming album 11:11, set for release on January 28.

The Global Pandemic Inspired “Respirate”

Pinegrove first started teasing their upcoming album 11:11 back in August with the release of “Orange,” which landed as the lead single. A few months later, they shared another offering from the album, the single “Alaska.” Now, they are back with another puzzle piece off 11:11, the calming single “Respirate.”

“Respirate” is a song that talks about the ups and downs of life, especially after Covid-19 hit the world. “When Corona hit. I was already feeling pretty out of it. Frustrated with myself. Frustrated with my fellows, all of thеm meant well…So take it day by day. And just do your best to respirate. You’re having a hard time now. Finding a good way out,” they sing in the song.

“With ‘Respirate,’ I was thinking about the opportunity we had in the chaos Covid brought to redesign society so that it works well for more people, but that instead what’s unfolding is a doubling down on the same bent and venal structures that have resulted in so much inequity in the first place,” stated singer/guitarist Evan Stephens Hall. “So, how can we compassionately respond to such cold and blatant greed? How can we make sure to look out for one another in the absence of meaningful leadership and materially significant policy? We’ve been stranded but we will look out for each other – what choice do we have? The song is a reminder that we’re in this together.”

Catch Pinegrove on Tour This Winter & Spring!

Pinegrove recently announced their upcoming headlining tour across the US, the UK, and Europe. The tour kicks off on January 28 in Charleston, SC, the day of the album release, so the band is surely going to celebrate that night. They will continue their journey across the US until April 24, with the last stop in Houston, TX. A few weeks later, they will head over to the UK and Europe starting on May 8 in Dublin, IE, and concluding on May 25 in Munich, DE. 

You can find all dates and tickets to Pinegrove’s tour here.

If you like this song, check out Lights and Elohim’s “Real Thing.”

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