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Sabrina Carpenter’s New Album is Coming Soon…And You Might Already Know Its Title

While being a guest on the Jimmy Fallon show, Sabrina Carpenter revealed that her upcoming new album is coming soon, and its title is hidden in one of the songs she already released.

New Movie & New Song on the Way!

During a fun conversation with Jimmy Fallon, Sabrina spoke about all the exciting things that she had in store for the near future. The first one is a movie where she stars in – Emergency, which will premiere at this year’s Sundance Film Festival on January 20. 

“It’s like a dark comedy thriller, but it touches on, you know, just the fear in our communities; especially with young people of color regarding the police,” Sabrina said. “I’m so excited for people to see it.”

Alongside the exciting news of her upcoming movie; Sabrina and Jimmy also talked about an upcoming song that Sabrina has ready to go. They talked about it without revealing too many details – including the release date. She did say that the single is called “Fast Times.” We can’t wait to hear it!

What’s The Title of Sabrina’s Upcoming Album?

But that’s not all that Sabrina revealed! She mentioned that she is really into hiding Easter eggs for her fans, who “love being detectives.” The biggest Easter egg of all at the moment is actually her next album’s title! Which apparently is already hidden in one of the songs that Sabrina released in 2021. “It’s funny because I’ve hidden the album name somewhere in work that I’ve put out over the last year but my fans haven’t found it yet,” she told Jimmy. “I feel like it’s something a few artists do, and I feel like I just really have had an amazing relationship with my fans over the years, and they love being detectives and I like playing into it. Yeah, and then you can find the name of my album and you can announce it. ‘Cause, it’s out there!”

Looks like we’re gonna have to listen to “Skin” and “Skinny Dipping” on repeat!

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