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Since the beginning of COVID-19, the social media platform TikTok slowly took over how we consumed everything. Above all other features, the app excelled in jumpstarting music careers and artists people overnight success. (I mean, take a look at notable successes Doja Cat with “Say So” and Ashnikko with “Daisy.”) All it takes is one catchy verse or rhythm to make audiences add their own vision to the sound. Thus, the more that people share their creativity using these songs, the more likeability and further shareability. Continuing down this path will eventually lead to a viral hit.

However, with the personalized “For You” page, it’s impossible to catch every viral hit. For example, if you prefer K-Pop, it would make sense that you haven’t heard of the indie-pop duo SALES latest hit. And that’s why I’m here, to talk about a couple of sweet viral moments that may have flown under the radar.

SALES- “Pope Is A Rockstar”

The Floridian duo, Lauren Morgan and Jordan Shih, are described as “busy producing a plethora of minimalist guitar pop and lo-fi beats” by Daily Nexus. And the indie-pop duo does just that on the reverb, guitar-influenced “Pope Is A Rockstar” from 2016. Although the lyrics had a hopeful misinterpretation on TikTok, saying “Go Little Rockstar,” the true lyrics are full of longing. Take a full listen.

Current Joys- “New Flesh”

Staying with the indie theme, Current Joys’ “New Flesh” offers the same cozy quality that audiences felt with SALES. Although the audio is heavy on upbeat lo-fi, there’s a sense of nostalgia and somberness. With the simple, muffled lyrics, it’s obvious the artists want listeners to focus on the instrumentals. Lyrics like, “I watched Videodrome / I watched Videodrome and lost my mind / I tried to write a song” hang in the song’s background.

Clara La San- “In The Darkness”

Clara La San is the most impressive viral sensation because she has little (to no) media footprint. “In The Darkness” was released six years ago on SoundCloud. She has no Spotify or Apple Music presence. Additionally, on TikTok, this song’s origin is hard to trace, leading to Clara not getting proper credit. Red Bandit sampled Clara’s audio for his rap song “In This Darkness“, changing Clara’s dreamy sound into high-pitched audio. Then, in TikTok fashion, TikTok user @jimbotheboy integrated trap beats and other soundbites to create the masterpiece we love. It is impressive to see how far her fans pushed this song!

Emmy Meli- “I Am Woman”

Emmy is proof of overnight fame. With the success of the self-love anthem, “I Am Woman”, it also began an empowering TikTok movement. Her lyrics are affirmations you can say to yourself in the mirror. And with the chill production, the attention is on her words. Some lyrics read, I am woman, I am fearless /I am sexy, I’m divine / I’m unbeatable, I’m creative / Honey, you can get in line / I am feminine, I am masculine / I am anything I want.” In celebration of its success and everlasting empowerment, the 22-year-old made a fan lyric video of TikTokers using her song. She celebrates all shapes, sizes, gender, and sexual orientation. It’s a sweet message, so check it out below.

Will Paquin- “Chandelier”

Music newcomer Will Paquin instantly rose to TikTok fame with his first-ever single “Chandelier.” It is a quirky melody with a dope guitar riff; it is no wonder labels were after him– he has natural talent. Where Emmy Meli has a more pop sound, Will is more alternative. On TikTok, “Chandelier” was used to accompany a person’s “photo dump,” or a cluster of random images, summarizing a specific moment. I appreciate this because its lyrics match up with the audio’s usage. The lyrics read, “Catch my breath and hold it for me/ I’m wasting my time, tryna make up my mind / Oh, I’m sitting here as the chandelier is whispering in my ear.” It’s a cute track; with Will’s incredible riffing, it’s easy to get lost in thought (and pictures).

What do you think of this viral songs? Let us know in the comments!

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