mxmtoon Releases “plum blossom (revisited)”

mxmtoon has released the revisited version of her 2018 debut EP, plum blossom. The singer-songwriter has been teasing the EP release for weeks. At the beginning of October, she dropped her single “feelings are fatal (revisited),” kicking off the waiting period. She further prepped fans for the EP’s anticipated arrival with “the idea of you (revisited),” released on Friday, November 3.

Now, the bedroom pop artist is taking listeners on a journey to revisit her past. plum blossom (revisited) came out this past Friday, November 10. For the EP drop, mxmtoon announced the limited edition, double-sided vinyl of plum blossom (revisited), which has the original plum blossom on side b of the vinyl. She also added new merch to her website specifically for plum blossom (revisited).

Read on for a quick overview of the songs that haven’t already been discussed and digested in previous articles.

A Brief Overview of plum blossom (revisited)

After the opener “the idea of you (revisited),” the EP continues with “cliché (revisited).” Perhaps one of her more popular songs from her earlier years, the original “cliché” holds much love and fond memories for many people. The opening ukulele strums that begin the song make it identifiable from the very start. The somewhat rushed mouthfuls of words have become charming qualities of the song.

Retrieved from artist Instagram @mxmtoon.
Retrieved from artist Instagram @mxmtoon.

“cliché (revisited)” starts off without those simple strums. Instead, the ukulele, though essentially working in the same way, sounds unfamiliar. It throws listeners off at first, until mxmtoon starts singing and then, everything falls more into place. When the chorus hits, there’s a bass, a shaker, drums and more background vocals. While the lack of those charming, haphazardly fast vocals is noticeable, it’s not a “bad” noticeable.

The production for the rest of the EP follows this theme of improving by adding in more background vocals and more instruments, but continuing to keep the same lyrical charm the songs have always had.

Next is “feelings are fatal (revisited),” and then “stuck (revisited),” with its beautiful strings portraying the song’s poignant message. After that, the delicate “temporary nothing (revisited)” softly adds in some lovely piano, strings and background vocals.

Then, “hong kong (revisited)” keeps in the same vein as the other revised ballad-like tracks. It also adds in strings and background vocals to create those moving moments in the song. Finally, the EP closes on the fun, plucky “1-800-DATEME (revisited).” The final track is just as relatable as any other song about being alone for Valentine’s Day. mxmtoon’s little ad-libbed lyrics and spoken comments add to the lighthearted feel of the song. The track ends plum blossom (revisited) in a very heartwarming way.

mxmtoon fans noticed that there are three songs missing from the revisited plum blossom. Those songs are “i feel like chet,” “porcelain” and “i miss you.” Fans are, of course, thrilled that mxmtoon revisited her past hits and revised some of her early singles. However, they are also slightly saddened by the missing mxmtoon tunes.

Despite this, the EP is a happy success, both for fans and for the artist herself.

mxmtoon Thanks Her Fans and Collaborators

In an Instagram post, the musician gave her thanks to her fans and collaborators. “plum blossom (revisited) is out in the world now 🥰 it’s been so funny and wonderful to revisit these songs, thank you to everyone who has made it possible and thank you all for being as excited as i am about this. this is so special i’m so happy thank you thank you thank you i love you all :’)”

She continues in the post’s caption to list off the people who helped make the revisited EP. She makes a point to mention how she feels “so lucky to have made this EP alongside such incredible women.”

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