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mxmtoon To Revisit Her Debut EP, Starting with Song ‘feelings are fatal’

Singer-songwriter mxmtoon has decided to revisit her debut EP, 'plum blossom,' and is starting with her song “feelings are fatal.”

mxmtoon’s Debut EP plum blossom

Bedroom pop artist Maia X. M. T., better known by her stage name mxmtoon, is pulling a Taylor Swift. She has chosen to revisit plum blossom, her debut EP from 2018. She’ll be rerecording all the songs from her EP, adding revisions and tweaks. Longtime listeners are extremely excited for mxmtoon to revisit her very first batch of music in what has become a beloved discography.

mxmtoon 'plum blossom (revisited)'
‘plum blossom (revisited)’ Cover Art

Most recently, the artist collaborated on the song “Nobody Loves Me” with Cavetown and Ricky Montgomery. Concerning her solo career, her last release was album rising back in May of 2022.

In an Instagram post announcing plum blossom (revisited), mxmtoon spoke about what brought about this revision.

“i’ve never been very sneaky… most of you guessed it! it’s been nearly five years since my first EP, and since then i couldn’t stop thinking about all the little things i wish i could have done better. it was so special to revisit the songs my 17-year-old self wrote and tweak them, sing them, and love them the way they deserve. plum blossom (revisited) will be out november 10th!”

Below is the full tracklist from the original plum blossom, so fans can remember exactly which songs mxmtoon will be revisiting.

  1. “cliché”
  2. “i feel like chet”
  3. “feelings are fatal”
  4. “the idea of you”
  5. “porcelain”
  6. “temporary nothing”
  7. “i miss you”

“feelings are fatal (revisited)”

The original “feelings are fatal” has that classic early mxmtoon sound of just a ukulele and Maia’s warm, soft vocals.

feelings are fatal (revisited)” opens with the uke, Maia’s vocals, and three notes on a piano. The lyrics remain the same, and the meaning of the song feels the same, but there are noticeable differences.

First, the addition of more instrumentation. As aforementioned, debut mxmtoon had only her voice and her ukulele. In “feelings are fatal (revisited),” mxmtoon adds piano and strings to accompany her voice and uke strumming. Additionally, the quality of the song’s production is much better than the original. This is to be expected, as it’s been almost five years. mxmtoon has clearly improved her production skills. She not only provides much clearer and cleaner vocals in the revisited version, but she also adds more purposeful spatial vocal effects. In the original, her vocals have a slight echo throughout most of the song for a more dynamic sound. However, the effect is definitely a more beginner technique when trying to create a fuller-sounding composition. In the revisited version, her vocals don’t have noticeable echoing fades until near the end of the song.

It’s clear that mxmtoon will be showcasing her steadier vocals and improved audio production skills with plum blossom (revisited). Be sure to stay tuned in with Music Daily as mxmtoon continues to release more singles before the EP.

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