Slayyyter Enlists Lolo Zouaï For New Single ‘Makeup’

Slayyyter's originally-scrapped album track sees a full (and sultry) makeover with rising pop sensation Lolo Zouaï.

In the midst of her Club Valentine tour, Slayyyter released a smoky new single with bubbling star Lolo Zouaï, titled “Makeup.”

In a statement, Slayyyter says, “I made this song about 2 years ago and it always felt really special to me. I could only do 12 tracks on the album so it ended up getting cut but I kept going back and listening to it over and over. I asked Lolo to hop on it for a feature and I feel like she breathed some new life into it. It feels like the perfect fit for this album.” 

What is now a pure-pop anthem, “Makeup” started as a rusty demo about a troubled relationship’s uphill battle towards a resolution. Described as adrenaline-infused and eclectic, “Makeup” fully embodies Slayyyter’s third album, Starfucker, copying its distorted synths and electronic drum beats.

Throughout the heavy-hitting three minutes, Slayyyter’s rock star vocals shine especially on the chorus. “I start fights ’cause I wanna make up,” Slayyyter starts. “Sorry, baby, I talk too much, yeah.” The second verse sees Zouaï in a non-Y2K environment, instead paying respect to Starfucker‘s sultry dark-pop aesthetic. “Won’t admit I’m sorry, so I’ll tell you with my body,” she purrs. “Rev it up like a Ferrari then I play it like Atari.” Watch the beauty queens face off in the official visualizer below!

On the Club Valentine tour, the 28-year-old stopped in popular cities like New York City, Toronto, Chicago and San Francisco with emerging acts Miss Madeline, BAYLI and collaborator Zouaï for 13 North American dates. So far, the pop singer has four UK/European dates slated for February 2024, with more coming soon.

Stream Slayyyter’s new single “Makeup” with Lolo Zouaï below! Check out more Releases on Music Daily!

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