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Rediscover: Chappell Roan

Who is Chappell Roan?

Chappell Roan is an up-and-coming artist. She started to gain recognition for being the opening act on Olivia Rodrigo’s GUTS world tour. Rodrigo and Roan work with the same producer, Dan Nigro, who has helped elevate their music into instant hits. Roan is a part of the LGBTQ+ community and pours her emotions into relatable tunes.  

After successfully gathering fans from the GUTS world tour, she had two trending songs. “Casual” and “HOT TO GO!” have been trending on TikTok for the last few months. She has one full-length album: The Rise and Fall of a Midwest Prince. Singles for the project were released for the past two years up until its 2023 release. Her songs are written with a tight-knit group of people usually consisting of Chappell Roan herself alongside Dan Nigro.

Range of Emotions from Chappell Roan

Chappell Roan is an all-rounder as an artist with tracks that are either upbeat and catchy or have gut-wrenching lyrics within the same album. Two examples of this are “Femininomenon” and “Coffee.” This past January, Roan spoke to Capital FM about “Femininomenon.” “We just kind of obviously made the word up. It was about how it’s a phenomenon if sleeping with a man is better than sleeping with a girl. From my perspective, at least. I was like, ‘This is a phenomenon but it’s also feminine.’ And so we just mushed it together and it’s like three songs in one. It was pretty difficult to write and figure out but I love it. One review was like, ‘If you can tolerate the first song, you can tolerate the whole album.’ I think that’s like really valid.”

“Coffee,” on the other hand, is a sad song about how Roan can’t go drinking with her ex-lover, or go anywhere that reminds her of her ex-lover because it still hurts. There is a lot of sorrow in her voice against minimal piano, guitar and strings beat. In the end, she says it’s better if they don’t go out to coffee or see each other because the wound is still fresh. She can go from an upbeat song to some of the most heartbreaking lyrics, showing her diverse range of emotions.

Credit: Kristen Jan Wong for NME

Chappell Roan at Coachella

Chappell Roan has garnered more attention with her Coachella performance where she delivered perfect vocals. She performed ten songs at the Gobi Stage with multiple clips that were posted to TikTok that went viral. At 11 million followers on Spotify currently, Roan has proved that she is the next big thing in the industry. 

“Good Luck, Babe!” came out before Roan took the Coachella stage. The track is about a girl who Roan hooked up with. That girl can deny liking girls by kissing 100 men, but it won’t change a thing. It has a funky production from Nigro and has a catchy hook in the chorus. 

After Coachella, Chappell Roan is playing multiple upcoming festivals, such as All Things Go in Columbia, Maryland. She exudes a strong personality with intense music that is very catchy. According to Billboard, her career is just skyrocketing now after signing to Atlantic Records in 2015 and signing with Dan Nigro’s label, with an Island Records partnership in 2020. Along with multiple hit songs, Roan is known for her drag-inspired over-the-top makeup as her signature look. Check out her debut full-length album, The Rise and Fall of a Midwest Princess, along with her latest single, “Good Luck, Babe!” 

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