King Princess Tries Her Luck on “House Burn Down”

Starting off Pride month right, King Princess finally released her new track, “House Burn Down.” It was first premiered at live shows back in 2019.

“House Burn Down” Finally Arrived!

Almost two years after Straus, better known as King Princess, first started to perform “House Burn Down” live on shows, it finally arrived on its studio version. The new song is the follow-up to “PAIN,” released in November 2020. Also last year, she released the Deluxe version of her debut album Cheap Queen.

“House Burn Down” is a slick rock-inflected pop song co-produced by Mark Ronson and features the Strokes’ Fabrizio Moretti and Nikolai Fraiture on drum and bass. “I’m the type of b*tch always gotta dry her eyes. ‘Cause someone said somethin’ that I didn’t like. Maybe I’ve been catching, maybe I’ve been catching good days. When you’re sweet to me, like lemonade…Oh woah-oh, I’m just waiting for this house to burn down. Oh woah-oh, I’m just waiting for my luck to run out,” she sings.

Princess explained to Apple Music’s Zane Lowe that the song has long been a fan favorite. “I’m just so excited this is coming out because my fans have been….my sweet, sweet chickens, have been asking for this song forever and I’ve been playing it on tour, and I haven’t given them the recorded version because I didn’t have one. I always had so much fun playing this live and then I just started getting encouragement online. And I think that’s a really special thing to experience somebody who was invested in something that’s not even out telling you, ‘Please give us this.’ So I felt really lucky that that happened. It felt right. It felt fortuitous.”

Princess also thanked fans on her Instagram. “Love you guys. Thanks for pushing me to do this, this song was worth it. Special thanks to Nikolai and Fab for playing on dis one!!”

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