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Featured Artist Friday: Get to Know Singer-Songwriter Ethel Cain, The “Preacher’s Daughter”

Credit: Ethel Cain, Preacher’s Daughter cover art

Since the day she arrived on the music scene, Ethel Cain has taken fans by storm. Born in Tallahassee, FL in 1998, Hayden Silas Anhedönia, stage name Ethel Cain, is one of the artists you must know. Making the scene hers, Cain is one of the most revolutionary upcoming artists in the indie and folk scene. Discover with us this amazing American singer and her unique and incredible music.

Discover Ethel Cain

With one of the most profound and emotional voices out there, Ethel Cain is able to portray and transmit all of her strongest emotions with one melodic line.

The singer’s latest release is her 2022 studio album Preacher’s Daughter. The album is Cain’s breakthrough record and her honest sharing of emotions. By taking control of the complete process of production of the record, Preacher’s Daughter is a very personal release that Cain defines as her “Trojan horse.”

The artist said about the album:

“I feel like Preacher’s Daughter was my Trojan horse, in a way. I’m excited to pull back, be behind the camera instead of in front of it, be behind my computer screen, be behind the microphone in my studio – instead of out there.”

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The artist latest release goes back to December, when the singer dropped her studio album Preacher’s Daughter.

Cain Around the World: The 2023 Tour

In the past few months, the artist received incredible success and love. She is in fact also known as Barack Obama’s favorite artist at the moment. And after years of fans’ requests, she has organized a world tour. From North America to Australia, from the UK to Europe, Ethel Cain is traveling the world to bring her beloved art to her fans. Currently in Australia for a series of events in the country throughout the month of June, the singer will perform for eight nights between Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, and Hobart. Cain will then move to Denmark for a short stop before a few dates in North America. She will then return to Europe and the UK in August and September, concluding the tour in the United States again.

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