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Wallice Tugs at Your Heartstrings With ‘Loser at Best’

Singer-songwriter Wallice just dropped an instant indie rock hit—”Loser at Best.” Let’s check out Wallice and “Loser at Best” together… 

Based in Los Angeles with an education in NYC, Wallice is a diverse artist, dipping her hands in jazz, rock, and alternative. Since her first experimental releases in 2017, she has published 2 EPs and 7 singles, using the pandemic to find a fanbase. She has also toured with fellow indie artist Chloe Moriondo. 

A heavy anthem for those in the friendzone, “Loser at Best” is a dynamic track that laments in your face as well as pulling back for more distant fantasizing moments. Starting off with some fast-paced drums and light guitar accompaniment, Wallice surprises the audience with a beat drop in the middle of the chorus. Wallice seamlessly transitions her vocals to match the change in tone, captivating the listener with infectious despairing energy. By the end of the song, the track is a completely different beast, with church bells playing in the background to represent the life Wallice wishes she had with her love, and distorted strings somberly closing out the song. 

“I want to see you again but you see me as a friend / 

Oh, I’m obsessed with the end, and your cologne / 

An overthinker, I guess, and a loser at best /

See myself in a dress left all alone /

I wanna see you again”

Overall, Wallice’s “Loser at Best” will hit you in the feels as well as getting you to bob your head up and down! See what future projects she will be doing next.

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