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Natalie Jane Takes Us On A Rollercoaster Ride On “Where Am I”

New Jersey-born pop singer-songwriter and TikTok sensation Natalie Jane releases her debut EP, Where Am I, featuring the booming single, “Intrusive Thoughts.”

“The last 18 months of my life have been a complete roller coaster, which this project encapsulates perfectly,” says Natalie Jane in a press release. 

Breakthrough Single “Intrusive Thoughts”

At 19 years old, Jane’s whirlwind career began while she attended high school. She released her own original songs, reaching a catalyst moment with the release of “Intrusive Thoughts.” The track has garnered over six million streams on Spotify alone.

In-depth, Natalie Jane is stuck in a cycle of intrusive and hopeless thoughts about love on “Intrusive Thoughts.” She sings about the pattern of heartbreak in her love life, letting her intrusive thoughts win and feeling unlovable. “Oh, starin’ contest with the walls / I’m givin’ in to my intrusive thoughts / What if I never find anybody to love / Or I finally get the chance and I f*ck it all up?”

The song sees Natalie at her wits end with love, singing the lines, “I’m historically heartbroken” and “No one wants a heart that’s damaged / Only know a love that lets me down, down, down.”

Pink Slip (FLETCHER, Royal & the Serpent) produced “Intrusive Thoughts” as well as EP tracks “AVA,” “Do Or Die” and “seeing you with other girls.” Not to mention, the Where Am I EP includes hits “Seven” and “Mentally Cheating.” 

Pop singer-songwriter and TikTok sensation Natalie Jane releases her debut EP Where Am I featuring the booming single “Intrusive Thoughts.”
Natalie Jane. Photographed by: josephthedp (Instagram @nataliejanesings)

Natalie Jane’s Debut EP Where Am I

Overall, Natalie Jane’s EP is the perfect soundtrack for your first love. It follows the four stages of grief and stepping into self-love and personal growth after heartbreak. But first, she must grieve her ex and the failed relationship. “Said that I was the first one / The first one you loved and you brought home / Said that I’d be the last one too / Tell me does that make me naive for believin’ you? / I bet you take her to our favorite restaurant now,” she sings on “seeing you with other girls.” Throughout the project, Natalie recounts the lies and betrayal she encountered with her first love. 

In the attention-grabbing track titled, “If You Died Today,” Natalie Jane continues to struggle with letting go of her ex. “Know it’s been two years now / But I still don’t know how / I can leave us in the ground / Six feet down / I still think about you all the time, and it’s strange / ‘Cause none of my friends even know your name.” Healing from heartbreak is not linear and does not have an end date. Natalie has “been through all five stages” and emphasizes that “grieving comes in phases.” 

Then, Where Am I follows an empowering shift after a tumultuous heartbreak. We see Natalie finally let go of the hold her ex had on her. In the chorus of “I’m Her,” she calls herself “a god” and compares men to “pennies, nickels and dimes.” “Boys are like pennies and nickels and dimes / If I don’t need ’em, I leave ’em behind / I will not have an idea who you were / All of the sh*t that you did will not hurt,” Natalie sings.

First Headlining Tour

What’s more, Natalie Jane will headline her very first North American tour on February 28, 2024.  You can purchase tickets for the epic headline tour at Check out more Music Discovery artists here.

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