Watch out For H.E.R. At The End of This Month

Last week, Grammy-Award winning singer and songwriter, H.E.R. debuted new music and announced her debut studio album. This month, On June 18, she will release what feels like the cherry on top after taking over R&B the last two years.

H.E.R. Press

We Made It” is the most recent single by H.E.R since a few months back. But with features on DJ Khalid’s album and her help on Judas and The Black Messiah, H.E.R. has been anything but quiet in 2021.

With all her recent success, it’s hard to believe that this is H.E.R. first official studio album. Regardless of the surprising track record, H.E.R. has proven to make hits one after another and this album will be no different.

Although the 21-track project hasn’t released a full track list, from what’s been coming out we can expect an all star cast. As for now, the album has five tracks that have already been released, These songs include her most recent release as well as “Come Through” feat. Chris Brown and the old but viral hit “Slide” featuring YG.

Be on the look out for the album Back Of My Mind dropping this Friday.

It is H.E.R. Year

Following two E.P. compilations I Used To Know Her (2019) and H.E.R. (2017), Gabriella Sarmiento Wilson has been one of the main players in R&B soul. In 2021, she’s received an Academy Award, two Grammys, performed at Super Bowl LV and even made a guest appearance in the movie “Yes Day”.

It is crazy to see H.E.R.’s progression in such a short time, the talent of singing and songwriting will keep her a household name for a long time. And as the second half of the year comes to close, we can only imagine what else she will have in store for us.

And as things start to open up more, be ready more H.E.R. to announce her tour dates soon! For now, she will just make an appearance at the Hollywood Bowl on August 13 and 14.

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