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Selena Gomez’s Song “My Mind & Me” is Also A Documentary

Selena Gomez has just released her newest projects: a song entitled “My Mind & Me,” and a documentary of the same name.

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By AleeDear

“My Mind & Me”: The Song

My Mind & Me,” the latest song from Selena Gomez, has shaken its listeners. The minimal instrumentals, eerie backing vocals, and heartbreaking lyrics hold listeners attention throughout its entirety. “My Mind & Me” is soft yet, strong, and compelling in its openness and vulnerability- similar to Selena Gomez’s character.

In detail, Gomez sings about how uncomfortable she feels in the spotlight. However, she recognizes that, if she can be strong and fragile for herself, her fans might see her and be able to do the same. The lyrics of the first verse describe the singers dislike for being a famous actress.

“Wanna hear a part to my story/ I tried to hide in the glory and sweep it under the table so you would never know,”

Next, the chorus of the song illustrates her understanding that she could help someone by being who she is.

“My Mind & Me/ We don’t get along sometimes and it/ Gets hard to breathe/ But I wouldn’t change my life/ And all of the crashing and burning and breaking I know now/ If somebody sees me like this then they won’t feel alone now/ My Mind & Me,”

Check out the official lyric video for “My Mind & Me” below.

The Documentary

In sum, Gomez’s documentary My Mind & Me follows her life from 2016 to now. A singer, actress, makeup line creator, philanthropist, and much more, Selena Gomez has been in the spotlight most of her life. Directed by Alex Keshishian, My Mind & Me is made of raw, personal, touching, disheartening, and enlightening footage. Further, the documentary delves deeper into her life and her mind over the past six years. As the public has seen, she has struggled with mental health, fame, and her lupus diagnosis. Clearly, Gomez has had to struggle with so much, it’s hard to not root for her.

Take a look at the trailer for My Mind & Me below. Don’t forget to watch the documentary on Apple TV+!

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