Remi Wolf Finally Shares Studio Version of Fan-Favorite “Liz”

Remi Wolf finally gave fans the studio version of a song she has been performing live for years, “Liz.”

“Liz” is Finally Out for Everyone to Enjoy

Remi Wolf has been sharing her original and distinctive songs for years. “Liz” was one of them, as she started performing way back when concerts were still a thing – crazy, right?! After all these years of fans enjoying it on live shows, she decided now was the right time to give them the full studio version. 

“Liz” is a chill, more alternative-vibey song about having a strong friendship (or relationship) with someone special named Liz. Remi sings, “I get lonely. So I go shoplifting, oh. It’s better than sitting. Crying in my kitchen when. Nobody, nobody, nobody calls. Nobody, nobody, nobody calls…Except Liz, Liz. She taught me how to live. It was Liz, Liz. She taught me how to give.”

Remi Wolf Thanks her Fans for Their Support

“I wanted to share ‘Liz’ as a gift to my little Remjobs who have been with me since the beginning and have been asking for this song every day over the last few years,” Remi expressed on her Instagram. “I’ve been performing ‘Liz’ on tour for forever and to finally have a studio version I’m proud of and can share with my OG babies feels like a weight has been lifted off my chest. This record shows a different side of my work… I felt so happy and free creating this song and I hope it makes whoever is listening feel the same.”

Remi also shared the story of how “Liz” came to life in a video exclusively premiered on Apple Music. Alongside that, she debuted the first official live version of the song on her YouTube channel, which is now available for everyone to watch. Go check it out and tell us! Which version do you love more – the studio version or the live version? Let us know in the comments!

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