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“The Short Song Project:” Jayla Kai’s Footloose New Indie Album

Unapologetically carving her own unique space in the indie scene, Jayla Kai has recently shared an exciting new release: The Short Song Project. Full of vignettes and spanning all different musical genres, each track in this brave new album is enchanting in its own way. Let’s check out Jayla Kai and The Short Song Project together… 

A New Indie Artist

Jayla Kai is a relatively new artist on the block, first releasing her debut single “I Can’t Lie,” dropping in 2021. Since then, she has gradually been taking on more interesting endeavors, from the grungy indie-rock EP Epitome to, of course, the experimental Short Song Project. Her esoteric, yet lively style of creation is on full display in her promotional material. Whether through the stunning sketchbook animations on her website or the visualizers for her projects, Kai is completely in control of her own creativity.

“Unpredictable, Playful, Yet Deeply Personal”

The Short Song Project itself is, well, a bunch of short tracks, with most of them under the 2-minute mark. Despite this, Kai is able to cram in so much information and music into these tracks. Starting off with the first song in the album, “Hear Me Now,” Kai cleverly jumpstarts her album with mock orchestral tuning before jumping into simple, yet lovely vocals. Much of her other tracks also heavily feature a digital element, from the repeated grinding computer-start-up ostinato in “Skipsong” or electric synth bending in “Ghosts in the Computer.” 

Kai doesn’t only delve in the abstract, however. The soothing lullaby “Unapology” and harmonic acapella “¼ ⅓ “ show off Kai’s melodic talent. Juxtaposing these softer songs with the screechy rock tracks of “See Someone” and “Telephone” also show Kai is a master of all genres and can mold her musicality however she sees fit. 

In Kai’s words, “The Short Song Project is about play, exploring Kai’s inner world with unconstrained openness and inviting everybody in.” Unpredictable, playful, yet deeply personal, Jayla Kai’s The Short Song Project has a little bit of something for all listeners. 

Check out Jayla Kai’s future projects here.

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