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Jackson Velli’s Pop-Punk Track “Josie”

Picture Us Tiny, the musical alias of Jackson Velli, have released a sentimental pop-punk track about a girl named Josie. Opening with slow and self aware lyrics and nice acoustics to start. 

But you’re a menace, give me heart attacks

So here’s your awkward pop-punk track” 

There’s a certain earworm effect with the chord progression; it also feels oddly familiar. There’s a build up to the hard chords and bombastic drums. However, there’s no loss on the fundamental sentimentality. Also, there’s a distinct vulnerability wrapped up in whimsy. With lyrics and acknowledgements like: 

Tell me if I’m worthy

‘Cause to tell you how I feel is scary

But fear is only temporary” 


I don’t know how to handle situations

Without my feeling complicating everything

Is this how it’s supposed to be?” 


Oh Josie, 

Do you think about me?” 



The vulnerability in this track is a necessity for artists who want to make any sort of impact with an audience. It’s essential to wear your heart on your sleeve. The most impressive thing about the track? The fact that Josie is fictional and it was the first experience Jackson Velli has with writing with someone else. While on Genius, the artist goes on to say that “…Dan Harris and I wrote the song over night in Brooklyn.” On top of that, they recorded a demo the following day and it was an instant crush. Velli adds “Goes to show that trying new things and surrounding yourself with likeminded people can go a long way.” 

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