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GAYLE Gives Her All on the “Feeling it Together” Tour

Rising pop-punk artist GAYLE is currently on her Feeling it Together tour. Luckily, I got the chance to catch her live when the tour made a stop in Chicago last week.

Justus Bennets Opened the Show

The show took place at Subterranean, a pretty small and intimate venue. Honestly, I would say it’s probably one of my favorite venues in the city, thanks to it allowing for artists to actually connect with their audience, and (big plus!) it also has a balcony. This is crucial for shorties like me when the show is completely packed!

Luckily, I got there before the show started, and since it was pretty early, there weren’t many people there yet. I actually got to be in the first row! 

The show was scheduled to start at 6:30, and not too much later after that time, Justus Bennets took the stage. If his name rings a bell, it’s because you probably have heard his hit songs “Bad Day” or “Cool Kids.” Or, if you haven’t yet, make sure to go listen to them! They’re absolute bangers. He also recently dropped a collaboration with GAYLE herself called “Don’t Trip.”

GAYLE Played New and Older Songs

After Justus warmed up the audience by making them dance to his biggest hits, a little break took place. At 7:40, GAYLE took the stage and immediately started playing “luv starved,” a slow yet heartfelt song. 

GAYLE showed how talented she really is, as, throughout the show, she played the guitar herself while singing and even played the piano. She performed some of her newest songs like “ur just horny,” “kiddie pool,” and “sleeping with my friends.” She didn’t forget about her oldies, though. In addition, she played “orange peel” and “E-Z.” 

She Played Some Unreleased Tracks Too!

Alongside all of these fan-favorite songs, GAYLE performed unreleased music as well. Those tracks include “That Much,” “god has a sense of humor,” “Indie Edgy Cool Kid,” “Snow Angels,” and “To My Face.” All I can say about these songs is that they all sound very different! Surprisingly, there are some ballads as well as some pop-punk tracks! Hopefully, we don’t have to wait much longer to get to hear the studio version of these, because they’re all stuck in my head!

GAYLE also made sure to connect with her fans by talking to the audience after playing some songs and she even made some jokes! Showing her shiny and down-to-earth personality. 

Obviously, we couldn’t forget about “abcdefu,” which was the last song of the night. When she started playing it, everyone started screaming and singing the song as loud as they could. The energy felt amazing, and GAYLE replicated by jumping and dancing on the stage as well!

At the end of the show, she met fans by her merchandise table, and I was one of the lucky ones who got to talk to her and even snap a picture! She is indeed very funny and humble, so if she happens to play a concert in your city soon, make sure to go see her! You won’t regret it at all.

All of GAYLE’s upcoming concert dates and tickets are available here.

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