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KayCyy Flips 2010 Smash Hit For ‘ROLL THE DICE’

Rising singer-songwriter and rapper KayCyy borrows nostalgic melodies from “Rocketeer” by Far East Movement for new single “ROLL THE DICE.” The R&B-fused melancholy track features production by the highly-respected techno and electronic French DJ, Gesaffelstein. “ROLL THE DICE” is the lead single to KayCyy and Gesaffelstein’s collab mini-album TW2052.

“ROLL THE DICE” Comes To Fruition

Initially, fans got a taste of the harmonious new single on April 18. KayCyy played “ROLL THE DICE” almost in its entirety while on Instagram live for his 112k followers. Following, he took to Twitter a few weeks later to share a picture of two dice, teasing the looming arrival of the ear-catching track.

Well, he didn’t keep his fans waiting for much longer, as “ROLL THE DICE” officially released on May 12. In depth, the track unveils KayCyy’s rocky relationship with his love interest.

KayCyy Flips “Rocketeer”

The pre-chorus interpolates melodies from Far East Movement’s 2010 hit single “Rocketeer.” The song served as a soundtrack for 2010 and 2011 peaking at No. 7 on the Billboard Hot 100. KayCyy takes a different approach and flips the upbeat radio tune into a moody R&B vibe. He sings about being hopeful that he and his lover can overcome their relationship hurdles, as long as they trust him and just “ROLL THE DICE.”

“Roll the dice, close your eyes / Trust the time, we’ll be fine / You and I, we’ll survive / Anything (Anything), side by side (Side by side).”

Even more, KayCyy believes this special someone is worth the risk, as together the two “can make time stop.” But, the two find themselves in dangerous situations together like jumping off top ropes while intoxicated. “Jumpin’ off the top rope / Yeah, smoke came out our nostrils / Twenty-thousand up in bottles / Finish it all before tomorrow.”

This speaks to how their love can be harmful yet exhilarating at the same time. KayCyy leaves much of their love story untold with “ROLL THE DICE” as there are only two short verses plus the pre-chorus and hook. The second verse features quieter rapping and background echoes, serving as more of a song intermission than a verse.

“A second without you feel like I’m missin’ all my oxygen / Standin’ on our side, I’ll never mix you with the opposite”

KayCyy TW2052 EP Cover. 
Artwork By: 91.rules

About Gesaffelstein

Gesaffelstein, the producer behind “ROLL THE DICE,” is best known for his collaborations with The Weeknd. Abel Tesfaye, a.k.a. The Weeknd, combined forces with Gesaffelstein on “Lost In The Fire” and the gut-wrenching My Dear Melancholy EP. The EP went Platinum and peaked at No. 1 on The Billboard 200 chart. Five years later, Gesaffelstein produces on KayCyy’s seven-track EP titled TW2052.

Drake And Ye Co-Sign The Up-And-Coming Musician

Co-signed by his own musical influences Drake and Ye, formerly known as Kanye, KayCyy’s hardwork has surely paid off. He began creating music at age 14. He put time and effort into sharpening his craft, deriving a sound similar to his first favorite album, Ye’s 808’s & Heartbreak. However, KayCyy’s auto-tuned melodies were captivating and took a nonconforming approach, separating him from other artists. He was able to tie in his African roots and sometimes reggae within his music. Actually, it was his uncle that introduced him to the diverse genres of African music, and his family would integrate reggae into their home gatherings.

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