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Aryeè The Gem Is Alt R&B’s Newest Rising Star

Aryeè The Gem caught serious buzz with her single "To It," now followed up by the DRAM assisted "FWM."
A still of R&B singer Aryeè The Gem, taken on the set for her music video, “FWM.” Provided by Saint and Citizen.

R&B can be a crowded space—particularly in Atlanta, the continuing Mecca of rap, R&B and everything in between, also the hometown of one Aryeè The Gem. Beginning to catch on in the mainstream with a TikTok trending single and newfound label backing, here’s everything you need to know about the scene’s newest face.

Aryeè The Gem Covers Tons Of Ground In Limited Catalog Space

“To It” is the song to talk about when reviewing The Gem’s catalog. While on the surface it’s an ode to not being complacent, taking things into your own hands when you’re dissatisfied, there’s something lurking under the surface. Romantic undertones in R&B are far from a novel development, but the conceit of slipping those themes in the margins underneath a track so laser-focused on the “grind” in the overtones is clever, to say the least. That level of storytelling & songwriting prowess in Aryeè’s biggest song is certainly a great sign for her future catalog.

Of the five Aryeè The Gem singles, two received live, band-backed versions. Especially in this setting, Ari Lennox presents an intriguing comparison point. Both singers mesh seamlessly with live instrumentation, their performances compounded by retro, acoustic leanings of the music that backs them up.

A still of R&B singer Aryeè The Gem, taken on the set for her music video, "FWM" alongside fellow Atlantian artist DRAM. Provided by Saint and Citizen.
DRAM and Aryeè The Gem, taken on the set of the “FYM” music video.

On the most recent Aryeè The Gem single, Summer Walker of all people was the first person that jumped to mind. Their shared Atlanta heritage may partly be to blame, but the trap drums that echo in the background of the beat for “FWM” create a half-R&B, half-hip-hop sort of atmosphere. The subject matter of the single only amplifies the comparison, a classic ballad about how, despite some ostensible competition, Aryeè can tell that above all else, “you f*** with me.”

DRAM pitches in a typically eclectic, exceptional performance in the track’s latter half. On top of remaining criminally underrated (a topic for a later date), he provides what’s surely the first of a string of “industry” cosigns as The Gem’s profile continues rising. You can find all of the music released under Aryeè The Gem wherever you stream your music.

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