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Discover Comfort Club, the Artist You Should’ve Heard Of By Now

If you are a music fan and crave new artists to add to your indie and dream pop playlists, we have the artist who’s right for you! Comfort Club is an incredible musician and lyricist who’s independently paving his way in the industry.

Join us in this adventure through Comfort Club’s music and his unique way of giving life to his feelings.

Who is Singer Comfort Club?

Los Angeles-based Comfort Club is a self-defined “DIY artist” whose blood is pumped by his heartfelt, indie pop music passion. Driven by disarming honesty, the artist makes his deepest emotions the most charming aspect of his music. Comfort Club embraces poetry that is not only personal and therefore unique and original, but also very relatable.

Photo retrieved from the artist's official Instagram account.
Photo retrieved from the artist’s official Instagram account.

With a social following growing more and more as the days passed—and understandably so—it didn’t take long for the American musician and lyricist to start his tour around the country. He shared his gut-wrenching lyricism with crowds that grew bigger and bigger as the set of dates went on. Cradled by a silky guitar and effervescent melodies, each night became an opportunity for the crowd to experience an honest, personal and generous piece of the artist. Embracing sounds from different genres—ranging from alternative music to more commercial sounds—Comfort Club creates versatile and daring music. It isn’t surprising that his main source of inspiration comes from big names like John Mayer.

Between Introspective Lyricism and Commercial Sound

Inspired, moved and forged by love and heartbreaks, the artist finds comfort in music creation. He inevitably and purposefully makes each song an offer to the public to investigate his most personal and introspective space. In this way, his dream pop sound finds a connection to his lyricism as well. He creates a daydream environment where each person in the audience can, in fact, feel like part of a comfort club.

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