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Inside Chloe Sevigny’s Sale of the Century in NYC

Dressing like New York City's most elusive 'It' girl just become a whole lot easier.

The MET Gala wasn’t the only miracle New York City saw in May; famed actress-socialite Chloe Sevigny opened her storage warehouse for some “spring cleaning,” or what former Vogue fashion editor Liana Satenstein coined the “Sale of the Century.”

The event is part of #NeverWorns, an Instagram series hosted by Satenstein, where the writer interviews notorious fashionphiles about their wardrobes, encouraging them to either keep or get rid of pieces they’ve never worn.

On Instagram, the perpetual cool girl shared photos of herself in available items: a plaid Versace jumper dress, a patchwork faux-fur Supreme coat, a vintage apron dress, and multiple pieces from her Opening Ceremony collections from 2015 and 2019.

New Yorkers flooded the SoHo neighborhood, staking out for the  “Sale of the Century,” a warehouse-size treasure trove of fashion and accessories from the personal closets of Lynn Yaeger, Sally Singer, Mickey Boardman, and Sevigny herself, all at a discounted price.

@thatcurlytopp it was def worth the wait 😭✨🎀💓 #chloesevigny #chloesevignyclosetsale #saleofthecentury ♬ original sound – thatcurlytop

Sevigny’s iconic thrifting lifestyle stems from her childhood shopping adventures with her mom, hunting for trendy lookalikes. However, her unabashed sense of style (like pairing tiger-striped tights with a one-shoulder dress) was heroic for many confused, insecure girls.

Chloe Sevigny: The ‘IT’ Girl Uninterrupted

Sevigny’s limelight moment has not stopped since her breakout role in Larry Clark’s 1995 film, Kids. Since then, her un-mainstream love for fashion put her street style on every buzzworthy publication as “trend alerts.” In the background, Sevigny did year-spanning collaborations with Opening Ceremony and regularly attended fashion weeks (sitting front-row to Proenza)– even Balenciaga sent her many, many handbags. In 2019, she told i-D magazine, “I’ve never subscribed to ‘out’ or ‘in,’ people should wear whatever they feel empowered by. Nothing is as attractive as confidence.”

2023 is the year of editorials for Sevigny as she graces Allure and, more recently, New York Magazine’s “Yesteryear” issue. Its headline read The New York ‘IT’ Girl as she looks over her shoulder in a power-stance way like you interrupted her conversation. But Sevigny takes to Instagram to shy away from her power status: “I never identified as an ‘it’ girl, whatever ‘it’ girls are. Whatever it is, I can’t shake it. “

She even cozied up next to photographer Petra Collins for ES Magazine’s cover and starred in Mugler’s revolutionary A-list Spring/Summer 2022 film.

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