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A Mix of Hip Hop and Punk: $uicideboy$ Announce 40-Date Tour

After the release of their EP series, $uicideboy$ arrive with the big announcement we all expected and couldn’t wait for. The moment has come for the American band to start their 40-date tour.

2023 GREYDAY Tour

Starting on August 25th in Birmingham, AL, $uicideboy$ will begin an over-two-month-long tour through the entirety of the continental nation. North to south in over 30 states, the band will delight fans from 40 different cities with their unique art.

Personal, deep, dark, and raw, $uicideboy$ have one of the truest yet painful music out there. Close to the rough honesty and vulnerability of grunge and its hopelessness, the American duo revive the art from artists like Alice In Chains. They pull it off all while stepping away from rock and maintaining a hip-hop mixed punk taste. An innovation that made them a loved and highly followed band all over the country, with thousands of devoted fans who will make sure to be in the crowed for one of the shows.

So be fast and don’t lose your chance. Get your ticket for this incredible duo here.

Yin Yang Tapes

Anticipating the announcement of the duo’s tour, they dropped the Yin Yang Tapes. The New Orleans, LA, duo founded in 2014 by cousins Ruby da Cherry and $crim, are releasing four EPs, containing four songs. Each Friday in May, a new 4-song EP comes out. These are all named after one of the four seasons (spring, summer, fall, and winter).

One of the most streamed groups, with over 10 millions monthly listeners on Spotify and over 1 billion streamings, immediately made the charts. Tracks for the EPs immediately appeared on Spotify’s Top 10 US Song Debut Charts. And the duo appeared on YouTube as well in the YouTube’s Top Trending Music Charts.

Find out more about the band and all your favourite artists here.

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