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Claire Rosinkranz Feels “Sad in Hawaii”

Indie pop artist Claire Rosinkranz released her new single “Sad in Hawaii,” her first since July 2022’s “123.”

“Sad in Hawaii” Explains a Real-Life Experience

Claire Rosinkranz is simply a star. Ever since she started releasing music in 2019 at the age of only 15, she would show her expertism with lyrics and vocals. Now that time has passed and she has grown up, her music just keeps getting better and better.

She’s demonstrated that once again with “Sad in Hawaii,” a satirical song where she expresses feeling under the water lately, and no matter where she goes – even Hawaii – she will still not feel any better. “I’m feeling so, so close to the ground. Under the bottom, bottoms up for another round. Oh, polish the rock and my Nike’s. But I’ll still be sad in Hawaii,” she sings.

“This song is about how everything around you can look so picture perfect, but it’s not as flawless as it seems when you’re not doing well on the inside,” Claire explains. “I was in Hawaii when I had an uncomfortable situation happen to me that took a toll on my mental health and made it hard for me to enjoy where I was. Impressive how your brain can ruin an experience that should be paradise.”

Claire is Currently on Tour

“Sad in Hawaii” arrives as Claire’s first single since “123” in July 2022. Nevertheless, she’s currently on her own headlining tour across the United States and Canada, where she has been performing unreleased tracks that will come out in the near future, as she currently plans to unveil her debut album later this year. Regardless, no official announcement has been made. We’ll have to keep our eyes open to hear more about it!

If you’re interested in seeing Claire live and are wondering if she’s coming to your city soon, check out the full list of dates down below. To purchase your tickets, visit

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