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Jordan Davis Drops “Money Isn’t Real” and “No Time Soon”

Building up to Bluebird Days, Jordan Davis dropped two singles within one month of each other. First, “No Time Soon” was released on January 20th, telling the story of his never-ending passion and love for his wife. On February 3rd, Davis dropped “Money Isn’t Real,” a testament of his values. He recently posted an acoustic version on Instagram for fans to check out. 

His sophomore album, Bluebird Days will be available on February 17th. Jordan Davis will be touring in Canada when the album drops. Luckily, if you have tickets, he might just share a few new songs beforehand.

Instagram @jordandavis


After Jordan Davis won the CMA’s Song of the Year with “Buy Dirt,” fans have high expectations for the rest of the album. Jordan Davis hasn’t hidden which other songs will hit the album, though. The title track is Jordan’s eleventh track on the album.

Jordan Davis commented that his family inspired songs “Next Thing You Know” and “What My World Spins Around.” The latter of the two hit #1 for two weeks, adding to the other four songs Jordan Davis had at #1 on the charts. Admittedly, his short-tempered demeanor generated the song, “Short Fuse.” Danielle Bradbery, singer of “Sway” and “Stop Draggin’ Your Boots,” will be featured on “Midnight Crisis.” Released on November 11th, “Part of It” will also be one of the 17 songs. Surprisingly, his song “Good Beer,” released in 2022, isn’t showing up on Bluebird Days, even though it didn’t appear on Buy Dirt.  See the rest of the songs set to release below:

1.      Damn Good Time

2.      Money Isn’t Real

3.      Tuscan Too Late

4.      What My World Spins Around

5.      Sunday Spirits

6.      No Time Soon

7.      You’ve Got My Number

8.      Next Thing You Know

9.      Fishing Spot

10.   One Beer in Front of the Other

11.   Bluebird Days

12.   Part of It

13.   Short Fuse

14.   Whiskey Weak

15.   Midnight Crisis (ft. Danielle Bradbery)

16.   What I Wouldn’t Do

17.   Buy Dirt (ft. Luke Bryan)

What are Bluebird Days?

Jordan Davis called the Bluebird Days album an “evolution.” Telling American Songwriter, “everything matches the song… letting the song be a song and letting the lyrics lead it. Nothing feels forced. To me, it’s an album expressing exactly where I’m at right now.”

What are ‘Bluebird Days’ exactly? According to Davis, “Not a cloud in the sky, sun shining, north wind, hot coffee, ducks are flying which I kinda rolled into this kinda moment in my life which feels like that.” Fans will be flying high in clear skies from Jordan’s new album in ‘No Time Soon’!

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