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Claire Rosinkranz Drops Two New Tracks ‘Real Life’ & ‘Parking Lot’ in EP Bundle

Claire Rosinkranz might be only 17 years old, but she is a phenomenal artist. After the success she had with her single ‘Backyard Boy’ last year, she’s proving that she is here to stay. She just dropped a two-song bundle EP titled Real Life that includes songs ‘Real Life’ and ‘Parking Lot.’

Claire Comes Back After a Successful Year

Last year, her song ‘Backyard Boy’ gained unprecedented traction on TikTok. It inspired nearly 3 million video recreations and sparked a highly competitive signing effort from labels around the world.  In addition to generating over 91 million Spotify streams, it captured #1 on the Spotify Global and U.S. Viral 50 Charts, with the EP exceeding 350 million global streams. With outlets like BuzzFeed, Billboard, Rolling Stone, Coup de Main, and Genius chronicling her rapid rise, not to mention The New York Times naming “Backyard Boy” one of their “Best Songs of 2020,” Claire Rosinkranz is poised to become one of the year’s most unexpected and significant breakout acts.   

After all the attention she gained last year, she’s that she’s still working on more music. The cover art for her bundle EP Real Life shows the singer sitting on what appears to be a planet. Her oversized self is being stared at by people at an empty lot. This is a great visual representation of her songs, as their titles are also shown on the cover.

‘Real Life’ & ‘Parking Lot’ Show her Lyrical Expertise

Both songs have a classic alternative-pop vibe. ‘Real Life’ talks about feeling like somedays you fit in with the world and can be productive, but there are other days where you might feel like the total opposite, and that’s real life! “ Sleep ’til 12 PM / I hit the snooze on my alarm, let’s do it again / Roll out of bed around 1:30, check who I am / ‘Cause honestly, I don’t remember / My sanity got stuck in December / And my boyfriend doesn’t exist / I’m in my hoodie and some sweatpants watchin’ Netflix…It’s gonna be alright / Welcome to actual real life.” It’s a very relatable song that has impressive songwriting, considering how old Claire is.

But the 17-year-old star doesn’t work on all of her songs by herself. Luckily, she has her dad, Ragnar Rosinkranz, who helps her write and produce them. ‘Parking Lot’ offers a different message than ‘Real Life,’ but follows the same style. This song is pretty much abt being in your head. I wrote it off of the comments ppl wrote in the chat of a live stream.” Claire explained on a TikTok.

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