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Rachel Chinouriri Shares Painfully Honest “Maybe I’m Lonely”

Rising English singer-songwriter Rachel Chinouriri released her newest single “Maybe I’m Lonely,” following on October’s “I’m Not Perfect (But I’m Trying)”.

Who is Rachel Chinouriri?

Rachel has released her first solo single of the year, and it’s dreamy! If you haven’t heard of this bedroom-pop artist yet, keep reading. 

She first started sharing music through SoundCloud, and after getting attention and good feedback, she decided to start releasing music on other streaming platforms like Spotify and Apple Music in 2018. Since then, she has amased fans from all over the world, who love her style and soothing vocals. In 2019, she delivered her debut EP Mama’s Boy. Then, in 2021, she gave us a mini-album Four° In Winter, quickly followed by her second EP Better Off Without in 2022. 

She Kicks Off The Year With “Maybe I’m Lonely”

This year, she already shared a collaboration with Mac Wetha on “Fairytale.” Nevertheless, it looks like she wanted to release something that was fully hers, so “Maybe I’m Lonely” quickly followed only two weeks apart. 

On “Maybe I’m Lonely,” Rachel shows us how much she can do. She starts singing peacefully in a falsetto, and changes her tone as soon as we get to the chorus to a warmer-sounding voice. It fits the message of the song beautifully, as she wonders whether she likes this new person she has started seeing or if she’s just afraid of being lonely. 

“Maybe I’m lonely, maybe it’s true. Maybe I’m falling. For the feeling of falling for you. Why does it matter if the water is blue? If you are the ocean. Then the river will lead me to you,” she sings in the chorus.

“I wrote this from the perspective of not knowing what I want,” Rachel said. “When you are in a long term relationship and know nothing else, it’s hard navigating the dating world. It’s about how I don’t want a relationship, but struggle to not attach feelings to more casual situations. Do I like you or do I like the idea of you? Am I crushing on you or do I enjoy having companionship? Do I actually like you or do I fear being alone? I hope other people know the feeling because I have struggled with it recently, but I’m getting better.”

She’s Currently on Tour With Lewis Capaldi

Rachel is currently supporting Lewis Capaldi on his UK and European tour, which wraps up on March 15th. If you want to know if she’s coming to your city soon and want to get tickets, visit

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