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Rostam Releases Star-Studded Video For New Single

37-year-old producer Rostam dabbles in just about every corner of the music industry. He is a singer, songwriter, composer, multi-instrumentalist, and, essentially, a visionary. From his days in Vampire Weekend to his foray into producing for the likes of HAIM, Rostam has made a name for himself.


Diving Into Rostam’s Latest Hit

The Washington D.C. native is Grammy-nominated, critically-acclaimed, and certifiably beloved. His friends, acquaintances, and co-workers, are all some kind of famous. Whether they are known for music, style, or acting, they are highly regarded. 


Socially and culturally, Rostam is in tune with everything. This plays to his strengths as a vibrant musician. Blending his own skills with that of the people around him gives him a chance to push limits in the most collaborative and creative manner. This latest single of his, “From the Back Of A Cab,” does just that. It combines the act of working with others and the art of blending genres. 


The musician is known for having his eye on the art pop prize. Something about his pleasantly laid-back vocal tone and unwavering sense of self works right into dreamy and eclectic soundscapes. He is a founding member of Vampire Weekend, though. This means that, regardless, there are some pretty evident rock influences in his music. Fans, friends, and the world love it, though. This new single allows that sound and style to effortlessly take charge. 


Lyrically, this single tells the story of the sometimes wordless, but always emotional moments that can happen while being in the back of a cab. There are endless possibilities when your significant other is sitting alongside you. Some moments are heated and passionate while heading home. Others could be heart-wrenching and quiet while heading to an airport. The possibilities are truly endless and yet always some kind of memorable.


Meet the Stars!

Through this song, Rostam depicts these relevant, usually romantic stories. Then, to accompany the song, he recruited some stars to play out the scenarios he sings about. 


You might know their faces, you might know their names. Regardless, Rostam made sure to put more than just his friends in this music video. He was tactful in inviting the most notable collaborators, artists, and stars from his inner circle to make a pit stop on screen.


On the musical side of things, alternative rockers and glam pop stars get their moment to play up “From The Back Of A Cab.” HAIM and Charli XCX stop by, as well as Wallows and Remi Wolf. On the film and television side of things, actors from box office hits and low budget indie films stop by. Nick Robinson and his girlfriend Samantha Urbani have a cute moment. This is in addition to Demi Adejuyigbe and Julian McClanahan.


Models Bryce Willard Smithe and Kaia Gerber are on camera here, too. Their style and beauty cuts through the clever video – which fans truly can’t tear their eyes away from.


In an Instagram caption thanking his friends for partaking in the video, Rostam spoke honestly. “I’m probably more comfortable doing favors for people in my life than asking them to do favors for me. But in making this video, I asked a bunch of friends if they would want to be in it. They pretty much all said yes— I’m proud of the result. directed by Jason Lester and myself.”


The world is proud of the result, too. “From The Back Of A Cab” is easily one of the most creative and well-done songs and music videos of the year.

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