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‘Djo’: The New French Generation Wants To Be A Big Thing

I’m always thrilled to bring some French music to Music Daily. Because French music, like French culture, has all these facets which are very different from each other. Different sounds, genres, music, that come from times of immigration which made France one of the most interesting countries when we talk about music. Today I wanna introduce you to the song ‘Djo’ by Franglish, Aya Nakamura & Hamza. A hidden gem that well represents this new talented French generation.

It’s a different rap from the one we’re used to listening to. ‘Djo’’s rap has strong R&B influences, thanks also to the interests and backgrounds of this track’s talents. Indeed, while Franglish and Hamza are stronger with rapping, Aya Nakamura brings the contemporary pop/afrobeat line of the song. And that makes it beautiful.  

It’s also interesting that all the 3 artists have African origins. Aya is a French-born Malian, Franglish has Congolese origins and Hamza is Belgian with Moroccan parents. Signs that their music has smartly incorporated sounds that come from far away. 

A representation in music of the black community that in France, despite the big tradition, is still facing racial discrimination issues. What ‘Djo’ does, instead, is celebrating culture. Yes, CULTURE. Because that’s what everything’s about. 

French rap is finally on the big map, the international map. It has been recognized, in Europe, first, and slowly in America as well. Aya Nakamura has collabs with Lil Pump, Mike Towers, Maluma. Same goes for Franglish (Tyga, Tory Lanez) and Hamza (Offset, Luciano). 

It’s a process, it’ll take time but that’s how things work. And let me tell you something: they’re never been so ready. 

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