December 01, 2022
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Julia Michaels’ “Little Did I Know” Has A Nostalgic Video


Julia Michaels released a sentimental music video for “Little Did I Know,” the last single off her debut album, Not In Chronological Order. This record finally released on April 30.

Celebrating Julia’s Gorgeous Songwriting

It is no secret that Julia Michaels always put her heart and soul into the process of every song she writes. “Little Did I Know” is no different. The singer-songwriter wrote this beautiful and nostalgic ballad about not believing in love until she found the right person. 

“The summer before you. I thought love was Shakespearean. More or less a painful experience. Only ever real if you’re delirious…But little did I know. You would be the one I confide in. Learn how to try with. Little did I know. It was you before I ever decided. Little did I know,” she sings at the start of the song.

In the music video for the ballad, Julia wears a long-sleeve, beige suit and matching, subtle makeup. The background is filled with artsy blue colors and mirrors all over the room. Lightning strikes appear occasionally, giving the video the ideal touch for when Julia Michaels belts the ballad.

Co-Writing “Little Did I Know” With JP Saxe

Julia took to Apple Music to describe the songwriting process of the song alongside her boyfriend JP Saxe.  He is known for working previously with her on hits such as “If The World Was Ending.”

“I wrote ‘Little Did I Know’ with JP, I had a session with an artist that day, and it didn’t go the way that I really wanted it to. I think I just put too much pressure on myself because I wanted it to be great. Remember coming home and looking at JP, just being like, ‘I need to write something that feels sincere and honest.’ He was like, ‘Alright, well, let’s do it. I’m happy to help you.’”

She continues, “We started it in bed on the guitar, we went to sleep, woke up the next day, he sat on the bathtub, I was standing on the bathroom floor. We wrote it there, in a park. We wrote it in his old house which he turned into a studio. When it came time to record it, it was July, it was the middle of the pandemic.” 

“My vocal producer Ben Rice, who’s done all my vocals since I was 21, 22 years old, came over. He set up his equipment in my guest bedroom. I sang everything in the guest bedroom. Then JP and I did all the choir stacking vocals. What you hear is from that day, most of it—the only thing that has changed is that we added a couple more choir stacks with a few friends of ours, just for some added texture.”



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